And so my reign ends... (Shameless bragging topic)

With the new Ranked mode on the horizon, and with it the elimination of the current leaderboards, I felt it was time to make peace, and prepare myself for the end of my reign…

As the Number 1 ranked Xbox One Cabot in the World.

Honestly, I have never really cared for talking about my rank on the forums. I always just felt kind of uncomfortable to be honest. It felt to much like I was trying to brag about it or something, but I’ve had a lot of fun over the past several months with being the number 1 as Cabot.

While I am sad to see my rank go I am also very excited for Hunt 2.0 and what it will bring to the game. So, bitterweet as it is, I decided to suck it up, and over the course of the week have pushed out as many (awful, awful) public games as I could, so that I could end my time at the top off with a high note of 500 total wins!

Big thanks to TRS for giving me a game that I’ve been able to throw myself into as much as this one, and I can’t wait to try for the number one slot with the new ranking system as well!

Good luck, everyone, and stay motivated!


:bucket_salute: I will remember this @DarkMesa O.O
(Even though I am on PS4 >.<)

:tophat: off :two: :point_right: Number One


Was it a fun run? ^.-

This thread is a joke… we all know the top leaderboards players use steroids :blush:



You can use that as a good excuse fore everything, if your parents tell you to get a job you can say “When was the last time you were a #1 Cabot?”


Was this thread really necessary…disguising it as a brag thread…not a very good job of doing it.

I’m happy to have the #1 Cabot on our team! We will rule the biweekly tournaments!

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Yes! Finally you revealed your celebrity status to the world.


It was, actually. When I was on a competitive team they recruited me because of my leaderboard rank, and I had a lot of fun with those guys before the team disbanded.

Hey, I have no idea what you are talking about! :wink:

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Was your account necessary? Is Evolve necessary? Is ANYTHING necessary?

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Yes. We shall.

taps fingers on a desk with a cocked eyebrow riiiiight…

What kind of question is that?

That’s multiple questions sir, as to which are you referring to?

I am not a sir. The last one I’m referring to.

You’re a robot!

cause you know bucket

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I wish I was…then I wouldn’t have to be squishy.

… I actually don’t. But I was embarrassed about that, so I acted coy hoping you would explain…

Wait… You are a woman… and your name is Sabre?

That. Is. AWESOME! You’re awesome!


No…I’m a guy. It’s just the word itself offends me. I don’t like being called something of “high class” like sir. It sounds like a snobbish rich person. I don’t like it.

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Never going to survive the military

I am in the military…another reason why I don’t like it.