Ancient Warriors


This is the post, to continue where a few of us left off on another post, where we got slightly off topic arguing about what warriors in history, would succeed in what scenario, against another group of ancient warriors.

@kyronr600 @WiBaKi @MrTalha and even @SlinkyGuy is invited, because I want to hear Buckets opinion. :wink:

Moving my biggest post on the matter in here.

I would put my money on the Samurai over the Spartan. The individual can have more skill than you may think. There were some extremely skilled Samurai over the course of history, that would put the spartan individuals to shame. We can’t measure the mettle of the individual, we can only compare the groups.

Vikings had the reputation for being the most feared warriors of the ancient world. They gained this reputation, by being the people who could travel across the ocean, and never get lost. They then gained the reputation, by raiding the coasts mercilessly.

Samurai were trained since childhood, and used the Yumi, and the Katana. Their swords could cut 2 men in half with a single swing. Their warriors had a reputation for being some of the best shots in the world.

Ninja (yes, they were real :wink: ) were trained to kill the Samurai, and were master assassins, specializing in stealth, and ambush. They were feared throughout history, because they could kill a leader, and vanish without anyone realizing he was there until he was gone. They preferred stealthy weapons, such as bows, daggers, Kusarigama, Katana’s, and even blow darts. These warriors were often not typically trained from birth, (although some of them were) but instead were trained rigorously for many years.

Spartans had the reputation for being one of, or should I say the, fiercest warriors in the world. They were also trained since birth, and were masters of the sword/shield techniques. They had a saying, come back with your shield, or on top of it. Meaning, come back victorious, or dead.

Again, I preferred Samurai’s much more than Spartans. Their sense of honor, is something that modern day society could learn from. And their skill in combat, could easily contest that of a spartan warrior. But all in all, we cannot test the skill of them today. I would love to see a fight between the strongest Samurai vs the strongest Spartan that ever lived.

Samurai individual vs Spartan individual, I would put money on Samurai.
Spartan army, vs Samurai army, I would put my money on the Spartans.

We've forgotten what's most important: Pirates or Ninjas?

I’m with Ninjas.
I mean 1 ninja could kill 10 of samurais or 10 of spartans.
Imagine an army.
Not in a proper fight ofc.Everything would be allowed.Hiding/killing you at your sleep etc etc.

We ain’t talking about fair-fights here or honorable ones :stuck_out_tongue:

So yea…Ninjas


A man with a nuke button :smiley:


Hiding in the plains, where there is 2 inch tall grass for 50 miles.


These are Ancient Warriors, not people with nukes. Don’t you dare take this off topic like we did! :wink:

~Unless you want to throw some interesting time travel theories into the mix, then it might get even more interesting.~


Or.We arrange a war.Ninjas vs samurais.Lets say February 10th at 12:00 o clock.Cool?

Then the ninjas go to the samurai home and kill them all while sleeping at February 9.

God damn its so easy i should be a General


The Doctor. :smiley:


You freaking stole my line while i was writting.

Isn’t Time Lords supposed to be the oldest?


The doctor, “who”? :wink:


I’m not sure. TBH, I would love if the Doctor, and his love for humans. really turns out to be that the Time Lords are merely evolved humans from way in the future that traveled back through another reality and time to create the Time Lords to prevent shenanigans.


Unless I were the general of the Samurai army, and I set up gunpowder charges all around my camp, with the ground having trenches that when I blew up the wood pillers holding the planks up your ninja’s used to get in, your entire troop mass fell unto punji sticks.


@BL1TZ I’m bringing this over here because people will get mad at us for derailing the other thread.
300 was NOT historicall accurate as you saying but not because of the babies.For many other stuff.Like first of all there weren’t only 300 spartans there.Every Spartan warrior had another guy behind him for providing him with spears and stuff if he threw them or broke them.Eventually they would get into the fight aswell.So i’d say we were like 600-900 people.But i’m too bored to google it now and can’t remember the exact number.There were other many historical inaccurate things aswell.As for the babies it was true.If babies weren’t in a nice shape they were throwing them down the mountain.
But no we ain’t doing that anymore :stuck_out_tongue:


Dude we’re Ninjas.We will find a way in.After all we were trained to kill Samurais :slight_smile:


You’re trained to kill Samurais in the art of ambush, and assassination. Samurais are technically much more skilled than you in actual combat on average. Although there were some very skilled ninja’s back then. If the Samurai’s were expecting you, or planned for you, you just lost your biggest advantage.


Are you saying that in Spartan history, they clashed with samurai?!?! Where’s the movie about that !?


Rofl wtf?I’m talking about the 300 the movie

Edit.Nevemind i just saw that you replied me into.No i’m just taking the Ninja side so i’m using the WE word :slight_smile:
We ninjas are cool.No that has nothing to do with Spartans.


You have to admit though, it would be interesting to watch Spartans clash with the Samurai.


Yeah i know that and i agree.I just think ninjas wouldn’t go and engage the Samurais that’s for sure.

It sure as hell would :stuck_out_tongue:


woohoo :smile:

OK so I have defended samurai in everyway imaginable. I prefer samurai to spartans, i love everything they stood for.

but there is one defining factor that the samurai has been proven to not overcome. THE SHEILD. its not just any sheild. this thing has been tested and beaten every shield of that era. not a single item can penetrate it. certainly not a slash of any blade. literally would need a cannon in order to blow this thing up.

now lets talk about basics of fighting. theres this guy skallingrad (youtube) who talks alot about sword fighting in realism. the bottom line is, the amount of energy it takes to expose a spear and sheild spartan with just a sword is too great to overcome. the room for error on the spartans half is too forgiving. he can make a mistake and still recover before taking a fatal wound. meanwhile one mistake from the samurai and hes dead. 1 on 1. the samurai only has spacing on his side. the rest is all spartans territory to win. not to mention a spartans blade is nothing to joke about. id say they are close to even.

next we go into sciiience. armor to armor the samurai pales in comparision. in fact they did tests and even a great slash could not go through a spartan chestplate. nor his helm. limiting him to only thrusts and using his sword as a blunt weapon. secondly, body differences. its not unknown to the world that japanese were severely smaller in size to a spartan. so now on top of better everything besides sword skill, the spartan feels attacks from the samurai that are barely moving him.

the only way a samurais odds would go up is if he challenged the pride of a spartan to fight sword to sword. 9 times out of 10 i bet the spartan would agree too it. THEN you have yourself a dance.

deadliest warrior was a simulation sure, but if you have the histories best spartan (achilles for kicks and giggles) and the histories best samurai (muramana musashi i think is his name)and fight to the death 1000 times, musashi would have wins. those are when he was flawless. sorry but its impossible to be flawless 1000 times.

the final score one deadliest warrior was 70-30. common samurai vs common spartan id say its 80-20. legendary vs legendary id say is 60-40.

TO DA VIKINGS NEXT. ill proly wait till we talk about this first


It depends on if the Ninja’s did not expect the Samurai to expect them, so the Ninja’s might have all died there.

But what if the Ninja’s suspected that the Samurai suspected them, and the Samurai suspected that the Ninja’s suspected, that the Samurai suspected them? And since the Samurai suspected that the Ninja’s suspected that the Samurai suspected them, they decided to go to sleep anyways?