Analysis of the Jetpack Booster (a lot of math)

@GentlemanSquirl @Insane_521 @LordDeath I think you should read this because I will ask you about it tomorrow.

In the eyes of many, the Jetpack Booster has been overpowered since it was released. Despite plenty of nerfs, I among others still think that it is too strong. I’d like to point out here why it is too strong, why it does not seem to strong in telemetry and how to fix this.

#Jetpack Booster on the chase
First of all, let’s take a look at the chase speed it provides. To do that, we need to take a look at the basic speed of a Hunter first:

  • 5.2 meters per second while running
  • 4 Jetpack dodges forward
  • 1.0 second dodge duration (result from ingame tests)
  • 13 meters range with no tap delay (result from ingame tests)
  • 14.5 meters range with .25 s tap delay (result from ingame tests)
  • 15.5 seconds recharge time after 4 dodges have been used (result from ingame tests)

So the overall Hunter speed is this:
(4 * 13 + 15.5 * 5.2) / (4 + 15.5) = 6.8 meters per second

Let’s take a look at the Adrenalin Field which is a pretty balanced ability:

  • 15.5 seconds duration
  • 60 seconds cooldown
  • Increases movementspeed by 40%

15.5 * 5.2 * 0.4 / (60 +15.5) = 0.43 meters per second.
So a Hunter supported by Caira has an average movementspeed of about 7.23 meters per second.

What does the Jetpack Booster do to a individual Hunter?

  • 4 boosts with 20% thrust
  • 1.0 second dodge duration (result from ingame tests)
  • 16 meters range with no tap delay (result from ingame tests)
  • 18 meters range with .25 s tap delay (result from ingame tests)
  • 20 seconds recharge time
  • 3 seconds recharge delay

This is 4 * 16 meters in (4 + 3 + 20) seconds = 2.37 meters per second.
Well of course you have to substract the running distance of the 4 seconds boosting time first:
(4 * 16 - 4*5.2) /(4+3+20) = 1.6 meters per second.
A Hunter boosted by Sunny therefore moves at an average speed of 8.4 meters per second.

You may say it it justified that a single Hunter gets faster than 4 Hunters with AF, however a Monster moves without traversals at a speed of 7.5 meters per second. If that Hunter happens to be Griffin, the Monster will have a nasty time. Also the effect of the JPB in combat is way more significant than the AF.

These numbers would justify a nerf of no less than 75% to the capacity:
(1 * 16 - 1 * 5.2) / (1+3+20) = 0.45 meters per second.

#Jetpack Booster in Combat
Properly used, a jetpack dodge will mitigate an entire ability. Let’s assume that each dodge is used individually and triggers the delay.

For 1 default jetpack dodge, that is 4.5 seconds (result from ingame tests) to recharge back to full after 1 dodge was used. So 1 ability is dodged every 5.5 seconds in the long run.

For 1 booster dodge, that is 5 + 3 seconds to recharge back to full after 1 dodge was used. So 1 ability is dodged every 9 seconds.

In a fight of about 50 seconds, a normal jetpack would let you dodge 9 abilities, with the jetpack booster you could dodge another 5 to 6 abilities. That alone may or may not be balanced, but combined with the Shield Burst and the shield drone, it certainly isn’t.

#Why it is not as strong in telemetry
The reason is simple: It is not used to maximum efficency.
The booster may be applied to late, it may be used too late, all 4 boosts may be used to dodge a single ability or just a few melee hits…
There are a lot of reasons why it may do nothing if used in a wrong way. But that does not mean it is balanced just because sometimes it is used perfectly and sometimes it is used in a way that makes it completly useless.
It needs to come to a middle ground where it always does its job properly but it never is too strong.

#How to make it better

  1. The first suggestion has already been brought up: Nerf the capacity by 75%, so that no longer provides such a massive speed boost on the chase. Since 1 boost every 24 seconds would be kind of lame, I think removing the 20% thrust but decreasing the reload time to 13 instead of 20 seconds would be balanced as well:
    (13 * 1 - 5.2 *1) * (1 + 3 + 13) = 0.46 meters per second.
    In other words: Only additional jetpack fuel, no extra thrust.

  2. The second would require a Jetpack-Bar for each Hunter that can be seen by Sunny:
    It only provides additional thrust, the fuel needs to come from the default jetpack. Right now each used boost of the Jetpack booster is worth 120% of the normal jetpack. If it was just thrust and would sync up with the normal jetpack (15.5 seconds to recharge to full) and 20% thrust, the average speed would be 7.42 m/s on a single Hunter:
    (5.2 * 15.5 + 16 * 4) / (4 +15.5) = 7.42 m/s
    In other words: Only additional thrust, no additional jetpack fuel.


Great read. One thing though,[quote=“Sepiablitz, post:1, topic:104304”]
For 1 booster dodge, that is 5 + 3 seconds to recharge back to full after 1 dodge was used. So 1 ability is dodged every 9 seconds.

I know it’s petty to point this out but one of these numbers seems to be a typo :stuck_out_tongue:

No, but I think I worded that badly. The recharge time is 20 seconds for 4 boosts, so 5 seconds per boost. The recharge delay is 3 seconds. 1 boost lasts 1 second.
So 5+3+1 = 9 seconds.

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I dont think the booster is OP. Its quite balanced atm.
It boosts a single hunter…and sunny itself usually lags behind when she boosts. This means that the hunters tend to spread out in a line, sunny->medic->assault->trapper. Now, if a monster is quick and wants to make a strategic attack, he can use this spreading out, and turn around. I find its the best time to attack.
Sunny has just spent her JB, medic is out of range, and whoever got boosted, just spent all of his jet too. So, they cant dodge or fly away. Hunters that are too aggressive at chasing the monster are the easiest to kill. ( wraith excels in this strategy )

It is true that that Hunter is the easiest to kill, but that does not mean that he is killed all the time. If the Monster reengages on the chase, it mostly has no armor and thus suffers even more health damage. If it does not get the trapper down, it therefore suffered more health damage for nothing, while Support and medic had time to catch up.

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Great job.

I think the chase speed is not that much of a problem, since it’s only one hunter, who will soon be out of range of Sunny. It could be toned down just a little, but not so drastically.

However, your in-combat numbers seem a little too high to be true. You need to account for Sunny’s jpb interrupting the target hunter’s jetpack recharging, so they lose fuel that they would have otherwise regenerated, for every dodge Sunny gives them. The loss is slightly more than half a boost.

In light of that, it’s not so bad either. Maybe a slight tone-down again, but no need for drastic changes.

If I were to nerf Sunny, I’d make her drone cooldown not start until it’s destroyed. (Then the 10s cooldown can be 7 or something.) She can hold 3 to blow up her old drone, so she won’t be left droneless after leaving the area.

they are splitting up jetpack boost and drone anyway, just kill the sunny having jetpack boost

Really? It was actually a low estimate where the recharge dealy would trigger every single time. If you dodge 4 abilities in quick succession with the booster, you would get even more dodges, about 7 to 8 in 50 seconds instead of 5 to 6, while the normal jetpack would get you about 13 dodges in 50 seconds if you trigger the recharge delay only once.

I’m not 100% sure about this, but I thinke while the beam is attached to a Hunter, their jetpack recharges normally, even when they use it, but ok, lets look at the numbers:

I’ll spare you the math and just tell you the result
Assuming only 1 recharge delay it would be 10 dodges in 50 seconds instead of 13. With the JPB a total of 17 to 18 dodges in 50 seconds (20 to 21 before)
Assuming 4 recharge delays it would be 8 to 9 dodges in 50 seconds instead of 9, so with the JPB a total of 15 dodges in 50 seconds (15 to 16 before).

If you have a lot of recharge delays, it therefore is not that much of a difference wether the Hunters jetpack recharges while using the JPB or not.

Not meaning to make it personal but I am wondering, yesterday it was ruin Paladin thread, now ruin jetpack … what’s next? Remove Val’s healing gun? You didn’t answer me in Paladin’s thread either so I will ask again.
Why at this point of the game do you suggest that we change everything , even things that actually work?

It depends on which Hunter it is. A trapper like Crow, Griffin or E-Griffin, if keeping up with the Monster, can slow it down so the the rest of the team catches up. An Assault can keep herrassing the Monster so that it suffers even more heatlh damage and cant armor up.

If you take a Parnell that is boosted by Sunny and the AF and his own Super Soldier, he get to a average speed of 9.3 meters per second. That is without any perks.

With perks:
Parnell with 4% thrust and 32.5% dodge efficency: 7.52 m/s
Parnell’s SS: +0.47 m/s
Sunny booster with 27% reload and dodge efficency: + 2.62 m/s
Cairas AF with 27% reload: +0.51 m/s
Total: 11.12 m/s

Kraken’s flight speed (without the bursts) 9 m/s.
Elder Kraken’s flight speed (without the bursts) 11 m/s.
Behemoth’s average speed (including rolling): 11.78 m/s

Honestly, this is just crazy.

I still think you didn’t account for Sunny boosts constantly stopping jetpack regen. For maximum delays, every 9 seconds, Sunny will give a boost, which keeps the hunter airborne for 1s, and forces 1s more of recharge delay. Jetpacks recharge 7% per second, so that’s 3.57s per boost. Thus, each of Sunny’s boosts actually causes the hunter to lose 56% of one of his own boosts. Thus, the normal hunter boosting 9 times in 50s, will gain 6 boosts from Sunny, but those boosts will cause him to lose 3 of his own, bringing the total to only 12, not 15.

Additionally, your Parnell chase is somewhat incorrect. You run more slowly while firing, and will be Sunny-boosted outside of the acceleration field area. Then, the monster also as a large burst of speed from traversals, the burstiness of which can put you out of range (of poons and such) or LoS. The hunters are also slowed by rough terrain far more than the monster, forcing you to spend your precious boosts to go vertical.

All in all, the problem is not as big as you think. I would accept minor nerfs, but more than that and we’d only see Hank every game. And maybe Bucket.

no one use JPB on Parnell if the team has Griffin, and shooting slows Parnell by a lot, I mean, A LOT

I only read the numbers but there’s no need to nerf it imo since the booster and the drone will be splitted between Sunny and her adaption. The booster or drone in itself may still be good, but nowhere as good as it is right now (as it’s all on a single character).

That is incorrect. I have been doing that over and over again since I joined the forums May 15.
And it may work on the average of games, but it does not work at lower skill levels and works too good if used for maximum efficency.
I keep suggesting things because I see a problem, such as Caira being too similar to PP. I am willing to discuss how to solve it, but if you refuse to acknowledge that there is a problem in the first place, I see no reason for a discussion with you. Especially not with a sarcasic comment like

And believe it or not, I actually think that all medics need to be less effective, alongside with Monster’s attacks.
Besides that, nerfing the radius of the explosion but buffing the rocket speed and accuracy by a lot, is not exactly making PP as useful as Rogue Val. It’s a trade off for the sake of diversity, not a nerf, as I clearly stated in the thread:

Off topic aside:

I did account for that. 1 second air time + 1 second additional recharge delay, times 4 is 8 additional seconds to the cycle… I see now where my mistake was. It is 8 seconds in addition to the 19.5 seconds not the 15.5 seconds. So it is 7 boosts from the normal jetpack and a total of 12 to 13 dodges.

You are not slowed while in the air.

Not if he uses the booster after the AF ended.

Which I did account for in Behemoth. And the air bursts of Kraken dont really get you far ahead.

You dont need to use jetpack to go vertical, however you will loose some time climbing. However there is not always rough terrain nearby.

Don’t know if I want to lul or cry … probably lul till I cry.

Yet, you count a lot of walking into your calculations, but I don’t see a factor for firing slow?

AF will not be enough to keep up with the monster, especially while firing and walking, and considering the monster’s burst movement. The hunter will have to burst first using jpb and most of his jetpack, to keep up with the traversals. Then he will run after the running monster until the monster runs too far away.

You do, because slow climbing takes so long, without moving forward, that you’ll lose the monster. Its not worth saving the boosts, you’ll be faster than the wasted boosts by avoiding wallclimb.

Plenty of cliffs in nearly every region. The monster can simply leap/fly/etc. onto the nearest protrusion and drop past it, forcing you into vertical, or a detour.

Stopped reading at this point; everything else you say after this is worthless. You’re comparing apples and oranges, and saying that the abilities of 2 different characters in 2 different classes need some sort of parity to one another.