An update, maybe?


I wanted to ask how production was going at TRS. How close to complete is the 5th support? How is the Kraken variation? Any new maps? (Was hoping a dev could answer)


When they know, they’ll let us know. You know?


They can’t share specific information I’m afraid, all we know (and can now) for now is that they’re working on new adaptations and the new support.

For new maps, the devs stated that they aren’t working on new maps now, instead, they’re focusing on new awesome adaptations :slightly_smiling:


We know nothing more than you do. You’ll know when we’ll know.

As far as our information provides us, last I checked Support is over 90% done and is/was going through final balancing. Kraken adaptation is going to come out/be added but locked next TU. No maps are in development.


Double negative? :stuck_out_tongue:


Damn me brain.


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