An option to play as daisy instead of maggie


The title pretty much says it all. It would be neat to play as that loveable trapjaw.


RIP AI tracking then


It would be neat if, for april’s fools day, they switched mags and Daisy around; You play as daisy, flaming monsters with your flamethrower, and you have maggie running in front of you (preferably on all fours)


I wish you could play as daisy see sneaking monsters footprints but you have to sniff first to see it


if I had the money I would pay 20$ just to play as daisydoo she is so cute and I would love to see her veiw in first person


What would you do as regular daisy?
She can’t attack so she would just run around and occasionally run around.
Plus no poon traps or pistol.


tracking and if you were wl m you could use the flamethrower


I didn’t ask about WL. I asked about default daisy. :wink:


I know maybe you can bite the monster! like the wild trapjaws do I always wonder why daisy never attacked in the first place


You could lead the hunters to the monster or a pack of mammoth birds.


Sounds trolly. :stuck_out_tongue:
And boring…


You can also revive them.


Because she’s domestic not feral.


yeah true but seeing on how she was with maggie on factor you would think that she would be more aggressive due to trama


Trauma would make you less inclined to be vicious, especially if you are an animal. Think of animals that are abused, they are terrified of any contact, imagine now a Dog bring beaten by a Goliath, would that same dog really try to bite it?


sometime going through trauma does that to dogs that’s why some dogs are mean take mine for example he was tortured by some a*shole kids going to our door and saying he can’t get them and doing that almost everyday when they tough we weren’t home now he hates kids


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