An Observation


my observation is simply this. Y’all are an awesome community and the only REAL reason I even bother getting on the forums so often. I don’t feel I’ve really had a bit of useful Evolve gameplay advice even once (I mean almost all of my threads have nothing to do with Evolve) but the connection with everybody here is awesome and I’ve already had the chance to play online with some of you. Anyways, I believe that no matter the size of the Evolve community, (I know there was a lot of concern we would only be a handul of players left after the AngryJoe scare lol) we always stick together, and even when I’ve seen arguments on here they’ve always ended in people making up.

Way to break the internet guys and gals :stuck_out_tongue: glad to be a part of this forum


It is there though lol. Buried under the fun stuff.


Totally agree, this is quite simply the best forum on the Internet.


lol imagine your car keys buried inside a dump truck bed filled with toys/copies of evolve. one is useful the rest is fun. that’s how buried I feel it is XD haha


You said Evolve 3 times
3 sides of a triangle

Old habits die hard, love you guys tho


Totally agree; fantastic forum, and a huge step up from others (looking at you Halo Waypoint). I don’t post very often, but I’ve always got ya’ll up in the background…

Seeing everything.

Always watching.



never change and praise the sun ^.^

@RedwoodLynx, only Gobi sees all, therefore you must be Gobi! :open_mouth:


“Oh crap, they’re on to me! Delete the post Crow! No, NOW! Goddamn it…”

Well you got me. Forgive any mistypes- my claws don’t handle this keyboard so well.


One day, we’ll all be looking back at this as if we were looking back to the “good ol’ times”

Will be a sad day indeed…


Very well said and I agree with you completely, you guys and girls are the best. You all are the reason I joined the forum in the first place and I am glad to be part of this amazing community. Never change please, this place is too much fun. :smiley:


Yeah all you guys are great!! Love this place!


You’re pretty cool too when you’re not posting pies on my cupcake thread :wink: haha jk


Yeah he was really taking the cake wasn’t he? :wink:


Yeah he really had muffin to add to our cupcake collection :wink:


We really Gateaux keep that thread going. :smile:


Let’s move this over to the thread now :slight_smile:


Illuminati’s been confirmed forever. ^.^


Yup, the day the first caveman saw the first wheel he said “ugga bugga gro wug bug” meaning Illuminati confirmed in caveman ^.^


Yup, they’ve been around since humans first appeared, they’ve taken over the world already. You just don’t realize it yet. ^.^