An issue that has never been resolved. Will it ever be resolved?


I am shocked, that the game is still plagued with this issue. Three games in a row, I’m thrown in as the monster, and monster is my absolute dead last choice. To make matters worse, I’m queuing into half botched games of Evacuation, which means I will be the monster for the remainder of the Evacuation map rotation.

How the hell can you take $100 of my money and I not have the freedom to play the class I want to play? Hell, I’d settle for getting to play one of the top three. I’d rather wait in a queue for 5 minutes to get into a game where I wasn’t playing my last choice than queue in as monster.

  1. When are you, if ever, going to fix this?

  2. Is it too late to get my money back?

Because there are several threads about this and I don’t see where you’ve done anything to address it.

PS Friendly reminder, pro-2K zealots, flamers, and trolls, I’ll just report any attacks. I don’t want this to degrade into a flame thread, because 2K/TRS employees won’t comment if it does, and my goal is to hear from someone on this issue.

Role Preferences include a "Definitely do NOT want to play this" option?
More reliable role selection

The main reason is probably because four players are playing co-op, which makes the fifth player automatically the Monster. Aside from continuing to take a random chance, you need to do one of the following:

  1. Get three friends together to play co-op

  2. Play Solo more often


Unfortunately for you this I simply how the game works. It’s a mechanic that they implemented so that they could get as many full lobbies as possible without having a bunch of AI filled games.

TL;DR - No, they are not going to fix this because it is not a problem.


So, now the game that was advertised as a multiplayer online game becomes a console multiplayer game or a 1 player game. That’s half of one solution. The other half is a refund.

I don’t want to play with the same three people over and over again. I want to meet new people and have the game dynamically change.

This is why you have monsters spawn, stand still, and not fight back. Because it IS a problem.


It is NOT how the game was advertised. Nowhere did it say that I would have to play the class that four other people needed me to play, not the class I wanted to play.


I personally don’t have this issue myself very often, but then again I’m not sure which platform you’re using so it could be a totally different experience.


Such things should be inferred. Do they really have to spell everything out for you? Use your common sense. You will never get what you want 100% of the time in anything.


What I inferred, was that it would be like any other Coop game I’ve ever played before, and I would have a choice of the class I wanted to play. Perhaps, this is why SteamStats shows this game dying a slow death on PC. Going from having peak player counts of over 10k per night, to have little more than 2,000. Keep not listening, 2K/TRS. You’re in Titanfall territory, now.


it is just a balance mechanic that tries to let players use the hunters that they wanted play as the most. However, sometimes there are three hunters and an AI monster and someone needs to fill the role of the monster before filling the last role of the hunters. Also, TRS didn’t


Wait, what?


I’ve got a great idea for a solution. Give me the option to untick “Match with players in groups”. Fixed.


Yes, would you like a list of games that fit that criteria?


Even though that could be a possibility it still wouldn’t stop you from playing as the monster or any other hunter that you do not want to play.


No, you’re right. But it would take away the GUARANTEE that I’m stuck playing monster if I queue into a group of four.

More of a solution would be to allow two classes to be blacklisted. For example, I don’t want to play Monster or Trapper. So I won’t queue into a game that places me as either.

But I am perfectly content taking turns with Assault, Medic, and Support.


I’m not sure what console you are using, but I’m going to assume you are playing on PC.

A lot of people have been having similar issues: The problem isn’t anything wrong with the game or it’s design, it’s the volume of players.

The game will first:

  1. Try to find an optimal mix of player level+your role request
  2. Unable to find an optimal of that, it will seek out ones your level.
  3. It will seek an already underway map optimal for you.
  4. Unable to do that, it may pair you in a match not to your liking either level or role.

The position of monster (If it is your fifth choice) should be round robin. Unless you’re facing a pre-made. So 1/5 games will be as a monster.

Now, only the main issue: Player population… If you’re not well represented when you get time to play, it might just not be optimal time to do so.
Soo… in steam, change your download area to a different location! That will change your localized servers as well, pairing you with new and exciting people! Try to figure out where in the world it’s optimal game time, and have at it!

I hope it helps. And yes, it’s far too late for a refund. The game works fine… this qualifies under “Online play game experiences may vary”