An Intervention For Sledgepainter

I ninja’d you sir.

Don’t care, still relevant :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Lol I know the more the better I just had to point it out though :stuck_out_tongue:

Good idea. However, this is what I see.

What browser do you guys use? I use Chrome.

I’m on my mobile chrome browser.

Chrome as well, on a mac bootcamping windows 7.

I’m on Safari.


Why did this suddenly turn into a bug report?!

Because it’s a thiiiiing

I still don’t see invis categories…

But Cow, you do it to 0.o

I’m thinking this is just a /bored thread? I am not seeing anything on my end. Anyone else able to reproduce the issue and if so, what browser are you using?

Quirkly’s got it on an ipad, but I’ve got it here on chrome.

Also, it seems to be coming and going. Just mods threads are losing their categorey occasionally…

I think it’s a forum bug associated with Mod topics, I’m seeing it on yours, Damjess, Alex, Sledge, etc.
Just no category to be found :confused:

I don’t see it on mine either. Maybe it’s the Observer Effect?

I was on my phone and I can promise you those pictures are not modified. Chrome for Android and it’s a recent one.

Hmmm… Maybe it’s the phone? I look at Sledges topics in profile as well as mine and don’t see it.

…the one person who likes the ‘like this if you cant see sledge’s categoreys’…

…is sledge.
…hello sledge.

I’ve seen it too. I’m being serious. Certain threads that the mods have made have shown up without a category. I thought it was just a thing mods could do?

Also, I’m using Safari on an iPhone 5C.

Maybe it’s a phone thing then. I’ve gone through all the threads created by Sledge and Myself and don’t see anything. :frowning: