An Intervention For Sledgepainter



We all love you. But we’re worried.

Really worried.

This kind of thing can’t keep happening. It’s leaving so many people scared and confused.

It’s a behaviour that’s destroying this family from the inside out, and, it’s time someone pointed out the elephant in the room.

Your blatant disregard for the category system is just… I don’t know what to do.

Please. Help us help you.


I don’t see that?

…What? You dont?

It’s his moderator powers :open_mouth:

Are you sure it just isn’t your phone/browser?

Que Pasa Mufasa?

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…Uh… Everyone who can’t see the categoreys Sledge posts in most of the time, like this post.


Lol no one sees the categories not even @TheMountainThatRoars

Omg I’m not the only one seeing this, I thought I was crazy >_>

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Those non-category categories. Its the power of the painter in’em to make new thing so scary

Dunno what you are talking about guys. :wink:


I may have changed some things in paint. :open_mouth:


And here I thought she was just being rebellious!

Someone take a screenshot so I can see. Not you @mortalbound because I see categories on all the threads outside of system created ones.

I see them. /psyduck


Can’t yiou see we’re worried about @Sledgepainter?

He isn’t photoshopping. That is what I see to.

…Well, huh. Seriously, I can’t. Who else can’t?

These are all her topics some have categories but some don’t.

I did change it in paint. :wink:

But on a serious note, I do see her threads with category.

^ I did not edit this one for the lolz.

Took it a step further and went into Sledges profile thingy to check her Topics to see if it was just a forum thing.
It’s not.

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