An interesting alternative to 'New Monsters'


Dropping rhymes for this one, guys.

Has anyone considered the possibility of switching up the concept of ‘new monsters’ a bit? I mean, sure, new monsters are always cool to imagine, and while we could certainly use a couple more in the roster, does it really make sense from an invading standpoint?

(don’t joke with me guys, we all know this is essentially Pacific Rim all over again)

Wouldn’t it make a bit more sense to have the same monster modified -slightly- to provide different things?

Like, imagine for a moment, that there were 5 monsters. But those 5 monsters each had 2 or 3 ‘subspecies’.

As a creative move of my own, I’m going to toss out a few concepts.

###The Skywraith

Now I see the term ‘Skywraith’ tossed around a lot. I personally don’t know what it means, but, if you think of it from a conceptual level, think of a Wraith with huge flaps of skin between it’s largest arms, as well as between its three tails. A legit, flying wraith. They’d need to be even more frail, lighter bone structure to support sustained flight. It’s warp abiltiies might also be a little stunted as well due to the greater need for that energy to be devoted to whatever it is that makes the wraith float in the first place.

###The Mother

No, this is not an idea that’s going to involve spawning minions. No creature in the animal kingdom makes tiny bebes just to send them off to their doom - That would be stupid. I’m thinking more in the traditional sense of a female being of greater size and power because their job is specifically to protect their offspring. This wouldn’t nessecarily mean that Mother Wraiths would have to be near egg clutches - But imagine a Wraith that is a little more tanky. Maybe not much armor, but more strength, more of an intimidation factor - Bigger claws, faster ground movements, at the cost of it’s stealth, and again, it’s teleporting abilities. These things would howl, make themselves known, try to force confrontations to end before they happened. At least, with animals - With hunters it wouldn’t be so easy.



If you assigned fantasy archtypes to the three monsters that were first announced, Goliath, Wraith, and Kraken, you’d probably have gone for Warrior, Rogue, and Mage respectively. Such a concept makes sense, I mean, Goliath was the bruiser of the family at first. Then the Behemoth changed all that, and the Goliath looked more like a middle of the line between all three, capable of engaging at multiple ranges, closing distances quickly, and taking some punishment without needing to retreat. The idea of the Tracker-Goliath would emphasize it’s mobility and fast attack capabilities. A slightly more lithe body, abilities like Charge and Leap Smash having a greater range, while abilities like Fire Breath and Rock Throw being reduced in effectiveness.


We already know that these creatures are capable of harnessing certain abilities to some extent. Now, this next type would only make sense of there was some kind of intelligent design behind the species - A Golynamo, instead of spitting Fire, would be a bit more on par with Kraken - An electrified little devil. It’s stealth would be a little harder to use, given that it’d crackle with each step, and shine a fairly bright blue when charging up an attack - But the payoff would be a ridiculously long range variation of fire breath - A beam breath attack. Think of old Godzilla films and his atomic spit or what have you. Pew pew. Wouldn’t be all that easy to use at close range mind you…



I like silly names okay?

Cragken is something I really wished the Kraken was every time I played as him. See, I don’t like flying around - I like to get up close and in your face. And I personally believe the close range melee attacks for Kraken are some of the most terrifying. As such, the Cragken is slightly tankier, at the cost of the range of his abilities, and most importantly, a heavy reduction in his flight capabilities. They’d only really be usable for escape, short bursts instead of long glides through the air. Maybe even reverse the Vortex blast so that instead of a knockback, it’s a knock-to. Bet you’d hate to get pounced by that.


Starting to notice a theme here? Yes, a lot of these thoughts are essentially “what if we set up monster A in monster B’s role.” Nothing wrong with that, just let me have my fun.

Snagken’s are similar to the Kraken that we know, but with a decreased emphasis on it’s range, in exchange for it’s ability to fight at close range, Wraith Style. They can move fairly well, increased run and climb speed, (decreased air speed however), and while all their abilities deal less damage, they’re probably about a third faster to recharge and use - Perfect for a little beasty that needs to strike fast and get it’s ass out of there.


###Volatile Behemoth

Something that struck me odd about the Behemoth is how stable it was for a creature that had exposed guts and spat lava. Volatile Behemoth is the idea of a Behemoth that, while all that sorta stuff is good at the start of it’s life, is getting on in it’s years - Bigger, slower, and a lot more dangerous in combat. Lava Bomb would have increased radius and minibomb yield, fissure would leave a sort of lasting effect for several seconds after it hits the ground, and while Rock Wall would be too short to really cut off hunters as well as it’s younger cousin’s, it has a nasty suprise in store - After it expires, it shatters, dealing damage to those caught nearby. This wouldn’t be a hard thing to spot either, cracks that glow and spread out across it’s surface. This comes at a cost to the Behemoth - With it’s abilities being more unstable, it’s tongue wouldn’t be quite as strong, unable to pull things at max range all that far - And it’s body would be weakened, it’s boiling blood flowing close to the surface. Although it’d still have a lot of health, it’s armor would be far, far smaller, and thus a Volatile Behemoth would need to rely on feeding times a lot more often.


Just as how the Volatile Behemoth is an elder of it’s species, the Weehemoth is what amounts to a preteen. Full of energy, recklessness, and vigor. It’s tongue attack would be more efficent and long range, there’d also be increased range for it’s lava bomb, but such a projectile might lack the ability to split off into other pieces. Weehemoths are small, and more agile, able to roll faster, (rolling up more into a fattened disk than a ball), and might even have the ability to make short jumps. Abilities like rock wall however would shatter quickly, and have less overall width and height to them. Again, less health, slightly less armor, but you gotta keep an eye open for when these little guys wanna play.

Anyhow, that’s just what came to my mind earlier. Figured I’d share it!


I like your idea but your restricting yourself too much… They would have to have completely different attacks to be cool… Instead of just having attacks with diffrenr range/damage

Freaking cool idea though


I guess that’s just the animator in me talking. If you’re taking an old monster and giving it new attacks, it needs new animations, possibly a new skeleton, as well as a new model, making it a lot of work.


I love this but i agree with the comment before me itd be difficult making the goliath less muscular making wraith look like a real sky wriaith or making behemoth smaller and more agile looking itd just be difficult. AWESOME AND FEASIBLE but difficult. also i think itd require dicking aroud with the lore. somehow making an elder behemoth be able to have a stage12&3. goliath having lighting and friction crackling in his body. but once again feasible and awesome just requires more resources than its worth right now. MAYBE later in time when new ideas are stupid probably at 6th monster no later than 10 (at ten the idea would never really happen) in between that time we could have something like that


People want variety. Few will pay 15$ for a old monster remake with slight changes. You want tweaks buy some skins and play a little different lol
nemo skin for wraith= sneak more like your a fish in the ocean tiger skin goliath go max charge and spam pounce.


Not exactly.

See, the differences I’m talking about here, would be like comparing a Hunter from L4D to a Tank.

Yes. They’re both infected.

Yes, they both are supposed to kill stuff.

Yes, they’re both zombie -lookin.

They are in no way the same thing.


It’s a normal Wraith, that picks Warp Blast, and Abduction. Most of the time taking Decoy at stage 3, to be unseen. This also allows you to fall onto the other side of the dome, while unseen. It’s a great escape tactic with this build.
Skywraiths often pick ability cooldown, or traversal cooldown. This allows them to either use more control, and even use Warp Blast to stay in the sky/more abducts. Or this allows them to cover ground faster, and dodge more in the air.

They then fly into the sky, and use their abilities/traversals to stay airborne consistently. They are hard to hit, and can abduct you into the sky. Often hitting you with a melee attack, and using Warp Blast while falling. This cuts off sight range of the other hunters, and she can dodge stuff quite well.

She has high control, and high damage using this playstyle.

Skywraith is a playstyle/build for the normal Wraith. Describing the tactics used in combat, rather than just saying “Wraith”. It’s specific, and describes how you play that character.





I like this idea. Specialist versions of each monster.

It reminds me of C&C Generals, where the expansion pack ZeroHour added 9 new generals (3 specialists based on the original 3 teams). Each had special abilities but were fundamentally the same team.

This can be done with evolve too. Imagine a flightless Kraken that uses its wings to hurl lightning projectiles instead of having a lightning strike.

Or a Goliath glider that has webbed skin to glide after jumping off an elevation. Dragon breath as an upgraded version of fire breath to expand range and damage when gliding.

The possibilities are endless but they’d all need balancing which would be a big issue…

I like your idea though.


This is an interesting idea, and possibly a good way to get more mileage out of the existing models/rigs, as you mentioned–the only snag I see would be gameplay balance coming from design, but hey, I’m all for more options and variation.


Seems like a pretty cool idea. Like Velociprey and Velocidrome or Basarios and Gravios both are the same species but have similar to different abilities depending on its stage of life. I think also adding a male and female version to each monster will be cool too like a female lion and a male lion both having unique abilities based on its gender. Cool idea i must say its one of the reasons i loved MH.


Subspecies and class variants seems like something that the community might really want - it’s essentially a more complicated version of the perk system designed to encourage more variance in gameplay. Tricky, but a good route to take to improve the game on a budget.


Love your ideas! Diversity of monster options is an amazing concept. I approve.


Your ideas are interesting, but with problems three,

First people will cry, “No originality!” which I sorta agree.

While unique, it will appear like a full effort has not been made.

The trolls will come out and begin their tirade.

Second while your apperances are different, it’s just not enough.

A small variation is just not up to snuff.

People want to see monsters unlike any before.

It’s the collecting addiction that makes people cry,“More!”

Finally by mixing up the roles, the uniqueness goes away.

Each monster has a role, a niche you could say.

The monster will all start to feel quite the same.

This will lead to a somewhat bland game.

My rhyming is done though I’m no match for the master

Who probably can do these limericks quite a bit faster.

I shall never do this again, of this my hands will rinse.

While a little enjoyable, this rhyming still makes me wince.



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Another cool thing, somewhat going by this idea, is if the points you distributed among abilities altered the “stats” of the Monster. For example, if putting points in Charge, Goliath got a little faster.

Would probably be difficult though.