An infestation!


Imagine the Jim Carey liar liar scene when he gets pulled over. Here it goes. It’s says failed to connect to online profile service. Your online stats will not be saved. Please check your network connection. (Sure.blame it on the network connection). Badges Unavailable. Unable to reach the Badges Server. Please return to Title Screen and try again. During the dropship conversation between Hank and Hyde about Hyde owing Bucket money the conversation wasn’t said in the right order so it made no sense. Twice already everybody got stuck in place near the end of the match. Usually this happens when Hyde is using his flamethrower on the Wraith right when you’re close to winning. I evolved to stage 3 Wraith and I didn’t get to have any special abilities. Just my melee attack was used.( I still won). Characters progress is being reset. For example say you unlock all the Medics and get their abilities to three stars. Once it resets you have to do it all over again. Over all rank can be reset back to rank 1 at any given time. Leaders boards. Etc. Running a red light and speeding. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: