An incentive to play the Hunters in Ranked?


People are starting to hit Level 20 and are able to play Ranked but it seems foreseeable that queue times when queuing for the Monster could get ridiculous. My queue times are starting to hit the 15/20 minute mark, which of course will have to do with not many people being able to play Ranked yet as well.

I’m sure it has been mentioned before but an incentive to play Hunters in ranked queues (whether it be increased Keys or whatever) might be useful in an attempt to balance out the two queues (I realise the dream of the 1:4 queue ratio is unrealistic).



I’d say wait 1 more week or so before going on ranked. This way the playerbase is larger and more % of players are playing ranked. Stage 2 is currently still a newborn.


Less than 1% of the population is eligible to play ranked, and even less are queuing in ranked. The longer you wait (days) the faster the queue times should get!