An in depth discussion of the origins of TorVal


Who created this? Why did they create this? When was it created? Why was it quickly forgotten?

@Torvald_Stavig do you know why?


That looks like something I would make lol but I didn’t


Well its a case that we need to solve


Did @JamesH make it?


I believe he did


The world…

It may never know.
It should never know.


bury it with the Stonehenge!


This…thing looks like the T6 Monster


Hello ! Yes its me :slight_smile:

Why did they create this?

I don’t know why I did that, I launch photoshop and something happened.

I think I just like to play with evolve content :slight_smile: like that =>

or ==> [Fan Art] Bucket Sentry Gun Mark II

or other things that I dont remember :stuck_out_tongue:

When was it created?

wow last year in june !

Why was it quickly forgotten?

I dont know :frowning:
Maybe because… tranqmortar OP ?



I remember it like it was yesterday. Ugh. Slow down, life.


I laughed far harder at this than I probably should have.


I came here and expected shipping. I’m pleasantly surprised.