An Idea to improve stage 3 Monster Fight vs Hunters


In this game, hunters only objective is to hunt down the monster since beginning of the game whereas the monster objective is to kill the hunters while he/she can on stage 1 ,or straight dive into stage 3 and destroy the device as the second alternative.

My idea is to improve the objectives for the hunters and monster so that if they found the other objectives while they are hunting down each other, they can decide whether to pursue or retreat.If the hunters found the second objectives(which is find the robot) ,

They can activate the robot but be careful if they activate the robot too loud , the monsters will hear them and if the monster have found the robot before the hunters do ,the monster can kill the robot but it takes longer time to destroy and it will alert the hunters where is the location of the second objectives of the hunters.This is not only reveal the monster location and the objectives for the hunters but to make the game more interactive.

If the monster is on stage 3 and going to destroy the base or choose to kill all the hunters in the alternative way,the hunters should be given a chance to have a big fight against the big monster by having a gigantic machine robot (you can imagine the Titanfall) which four of them(not necessarily but must at least 2) have to sit inside and control it, the master control on the machine will be given a vote and they can pass the master control to one another so if they abandon the machine or bail out of it and if they do they only can carry 1 weapon out of the machine , it leaves vulnerable for the monster to easily destroy it.

The robot only have the weapons they currently possess which means if the assault hunter is dead and only 3 of them are inside the robot,the assault weapon system which is stronger than normal assault hunter weapons on the robot are offline until the assault hunter is inside of it to activate it same goes to the other hunters.

When the assault hunter is respawn on random spot on the map, they can decide to pick him up which is faster but they have to abandon the device for the monster to kill, or he can just come to them but slower.

Thank you all for reading.


I dunno about giant robots and 4 pilots. It sounds a bit like something out of a Japanese TV show. It’s an interesting idea, but I think it changes the game too much. :stuck_out_tongue:


Okay so after actually reading this, you’re essentially suggesting Titanfall inside Evolve. While it is an interesting idea I’m compelled to disagree for two reasons.

The first being, it is too similar to Titanfall. I feel not only would TRS have an issue with copyright claims and possible lawsuits but I don’t think it adds too much to the game for it to even be worth it in the first place.

Secondly, additional to the issue with copyright and it being a tad too similar to another franchise I am compelled to say that due to the new fast paced gameplay this just wouldn’t fit. The game is designed now so there are almost always guaranteed fights with something going on. If you were to ad a secondary objective that cuts down the pacing, thus meaning less fights and more waiting. Players don’t like waiting and TRS have focused on improving the pace of the game whilst also keeping a sense of entertainment by providing constant interaction between the two teams. This idea doesn’t go with what TRS is trying to do with the new relaunch of this fantastic game and so this concludes my final reason as to why I am against it.

Remember that whilst I may not think the idea is right for Evolve I do not think it is a bad idea.

###P.S Add in paragraphs and indents. It helps the eyes while reading and helps readers keep their place whilst also appearing more attractive to the reader. Less people will read if they find it is a chore so the easier to read and the more attractive the formating the more input you will receive.




my eyes hurt trying to read this


My bad…sorry for the bad writing position because this idea just suddenly appears in my head and i just don want to miss out… I’ve been thinking about the second objectives may cut down the pacing too but for me this is the feature that they may add into the game to make it more like a real boss fight instead of 4 ants vs 1 big monster.
Thanks again for reading this and sorry for the bad writing post.


If you’re thinking about Secondary Objectives, I guess the closest thing, since the fights are occurring in Man-Made locations (eg: Orbital Drill, Distillery). The Hunters could maybe risk breaking up a Monster search in order to activate some kind of Map specific hazards, or build up some kind of fixed defense at the Power Relay?


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