An Idea on how to change the Decoy


I’ve been reading through some wraith related topics where people mention her to be OP, UP, broken or whatever. As an experinced wraith player I can say that right now the abilities Warp Blast, Abduction and Supernova are quite well. They are more than enough to squish decent lower tier teams. However, as it comes to the high ranks they fail pretty much, there is missing one ability to bring back chaos into a fight controlled by the hunter team and with the decoy you just can’t do that.

There is absolutely no doubt that the decoy in its current state is a really bad ability, useless against good teams who use it to keep the wraith revealed and pull off loads of dmg and by new and unexperienced wraith players it is missused as flee2three strategy. You could use it to gain a better overview on the ongoing battle (to spot the support or laz who just have cloaked) and still keep a bit of pressure on the team as they have to take care of it’s damage output, which you can’t rely on because sometimes the decoy’s AI is a bit retarded. Unfortunately this only seemed to work pre-patch and on uncoordinated teams.

In short, the decoy is a generally unuseful, misused ability that needs a little power up. So here comes the Idea:
Make it last shorter but keep the wraith unrevealed, even when shot. Make the Decoy look and behave EXACTLY like the real wraith. By that i mean the following: The hunter team shall have at least for a few seconds absolutely no Idea that the player has started his decoy. So get rid of the animation, the flares when shot or the particles when it warps (but keep the warp dash at the beginning). It sould try to melee attack hunters or wildlife but let it deal no damage to the hunters.

The central point of this ability should be the moment when the wraith ends the decoy with a buffed melee strike or sneak pounce. The damage of it’s melee strike/sneak pounce should scale with the damage the decoy has received (I mean not the same ammount, it should be much smaller but the more the hunters shoot it, the greater shall be the damage of the players revealing attack). The player has now to care about when and where he uses it.

Right at the moment the decoy ends (by time or by the player) it should do a loud scream, making it harder for the monster to use it for flee2three.

What would that mean for the monster?
You couldn’t spam the ability right away because you want to gain max damage for your revealing strike. If the decoy gets low damage, then your following strike will not do much more than a casual heavy melee attack. The Decoy always does that one warp dash, when you activat it, what means you can control it’s movement about half a second. That’s enough to lead it into mortars, gas clouds, an orbital strike or even into jacks surveyor. Further, it will move towards hunters and can run through mines and generally closer to the assault.
A good team will notice the Decoy earlier, stop dealing damage and try to defend the main focused target.

I know that for a change like that you have to rewrite some code and would take time and a larger patch than the casual balancing patches (since you only have to change numbers for them). I’m also sorry for any mistakes (english isn’t my mother tongue) and the bad format, I’m not used to do larger posts in forums. The Idea sounds good in my opinion, many of you may think it’s retarded or something like that, but keep in mind, that the wraith has to be fixed and with changing damage output and armor/health this problem will not be solved, so take it as an Idea, to think about, improve or change.

Actual decoy
Lets Talk About Decoy

Personally I never needed decoy to win and you can still mislead hunters. But I agree it should be rebuilt cause currently is just blind spam ability. No dmg (TRS like makes every ability to be yet another damage spamable), it’s for distracion, warp blast, super nova and melee are enough to wipe hunters. With more points spent on decoy invisible time should increase and I agree it should be unrevealable. And giving melee/pounce buff at the end is great idea. However flashing when decoy takes dmg should still occur, but after a few bullets wasted on it.

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I think this is a terrific idea. Just to snowball a tad: I always thought that Decoy should have mechanism in which it only appears to be dealing damage to hunters, like an illusion. The Hunters see their health bars go down when hit by the Decoy, but as soon as the Decoy wears off or is destroyed, they see their actual health again, and any damage seemingly dealt by the Decoy is erased.

I suppose this also means that Decoys would be unable to incapacitate Hunters… So if it looks like it should’ve dealt a death blow, but the Hunter’s still alive, the Hunters would know it’s just a Decoy.