An idea for Loading Screens: Community Showcase


Awesomenauts does a similar thing…

Every patch or whatever have you, find three or more of the best community created content to add to the loading screen, with the author’s name and the title of it.


Not a bad idea, but I prefer the game tips. The game has such a high learning curve that I think these are very helpful to newer players.



Because having one means you either don’t have the other or the focus of the other is drawn away.

This game has a high learning curve and I think anything helping alleviate that is more important.


That isn’t going to detract from the tips you realise. It’s loading images, not replacing the entire loadscreen.


Yes, it already has concept art dominating the screen. Replace that with fan stuff, and voila.
@SledgePainter Interested? :smile:


I think they are keeping in-game footage for that…but who knows what they’ll do in the future. I’d have to create some really serious art though, if they did that. You know…like a piece that takes 40+ hours or something, like a painting on canvas.


Again, for the loading images, they’re just still pictures (what we already have)