An Hour to Play: Evolve or Civilization?


I come home, and have an hour to play video games before having to move on to my other responsibilities. I ask myself a question: Should I play Evolve or Civilization?

In short, if your answer is Civilization, there may be a problem.

This should be a clear cut decision, in theory. Civilization takes hours and hours. Playing Civ for an hour would mean I barely get a game started. With Evolve, that means I can get anywhere from 3-6 games, or a whole round of Evacuation in.

However, theory doesn’t reflect reality. Even though I keep monster as my last choice, joining a game of Evacuation means that it’s the middle of day 3, I’m set as a Wraith in the middle of a fight. It ends quickly, only for me to find out that the monster has lost all 3 days so far.

Joining Hunt doesn’t fare much better. If I manage to avoid joining a game in progress, I’m still forced into the Monster spot 9 times out of 10 (again, Monster being my LAST choice). A lot of the time, I’ll tough it out, get my ass kicked, and then hope for hunter next round. At this point, one of two things happens: 1) everyone leaves, or 2) I get selected as monster again. I quit, and the process begins again.

I don’t want to be monster against a bunch of level 40 characters. I’m not good enough for that…I did decent against level 20 people in the first week it was released, but anymore I just get my ass kicked every time. I don’t enjoy playing as the monsters, but I would be willing to take a lump every once and a while, but it’s EVERY DAMN TIME. I’m the monster more than I am everything else combined, and it’s my last choice.

Even when I’m playing as a hunter, I’m still playing against people who are all level 40 and have more time to devote to the game (I made a special case the week came out to play the hell out of it, and have been paying for it ever since.) I’m not in the same league as the people I’m playing against as a regular basis…and I’m forced to keep doing so.

I’m monster more than everything else combined, even though it’s my last choice, and I’m not good enough/don’t have the time to keep up with level 40 people. FIX MATCHMAKING.


Rank 40 doesn’t mean you are good. Just that you should have a lot of experience in the game at that point.


Yeah Evolve is winning that choice hehe.

It’s funny, I’ll have a friend that comes online to Steam going “Hey, I got an hour before I gotta head out, you wanna do Civ5 or Endless Space?” and I’m sitting there going “When have you EVER had a Civ5 or Endless game take an hour or less?” (Note we are those kinds of people that rather start new games than finish old saved ones hehe)

Neither of those games take any less than 5 hours without serious Session Settings to MAKE it last shorter! And that’s still a quick game!


Just practice as a monster after you learn the maps. Most of being a good monster in this game means that you memorized the maps and have an on the fly tactical understanding. If you don’t know where you’re going and why you are going to lose. SO yea. thats my advice.


Level 40 means nothing. I’ve been level 40 forever now, and it still feels the same since I start.

All level 40 means, is that some of the players are somewhat competent at their class. ^.^
And that’s still not always the case. :stuck_out_tongue:


While I appreciate the advice, the issue is that I don’t want to be monster, yet I’m forced into it more often than not. I don’t want to “practice” to get better. My time is extremely limited, and I’m lucky if I get about an hour a day to play a game. I could use that time to practice at something I don’t enjoy, or I could go play something else that I do enjoy.


I’m not sure there would ever be a point in my life where civilisation would be an option above literally anything :flushed:


Hopefully if they ever fix the stupid hunter only grouping thing a lot of these problems will go away. I for one would gladly take that monster spot for you but whoops have a friend on so I get to spend the next few hours doing anything but monster -_-
If monster players could play monster, hunter players could play hunter! So revolutionary.