An honest discussion of Rules. (please)


Okay, here me out!

Its been a long time since the rules and guidelines have been updated and I am as just a mere regular of the forums requesting that someone please update it. ITs horrendously out of date and everything basically seems moderated on rules that arent even wrote down anywhere for our viewing pleasure.

I have had god knows how many mods or leaders come in and tell me that something is against the rules and I cant look it up. Do we all just guess the bounderies here?

Now I have never been banned from any forum and I certainly dont expect to start getting banned any time soon but it is downright nerve-racking to talk about anything anymore.

Literally shutting down a topic because it could be turned sour is so confusing and honestly that drives me quicker to anger than any opposing viewpoint in the discussion. Now im not talking about any topic in general so dont confuse this as me being upset because it happened recently. Im not, but what I am is confused and so I want to discuss this.

I want any and all devs, mods and leaders that wish to discuss this with me as well in here. As a user I care for these forums. I want these forums to work and improve as grow with TRS and the games they put out and all that there is to discuss between us all as humans.

So can we please get the rules clarified and updated?

Say Something Random 5.1

Generally speaking, we do our best to adhere to the terms of use and FAQ/guidelnies found in the following links if you want to read them. They do get updated, but if you feel something is unclear or missing, please let us know!

Every situation is unique though and we do our best to act accordingly to every topic. As a rule, we won’t step in or close something unless things are getting heated to the point of people becoming offended or upset, in which case we will do what we can to break up the fight. Sometimes we gotta be tough about stuff, but none of us like being hardasses. We are volunteering here to help the community flourish as best as we can, and we want everybody to be able to feel free to discuss things and have fun as a top priority.

We don’t want this stuff to be nerve wracking, so please, if you have any questions, ask one of us mods. We don’t bite I promise! PM’s are always good for this kind of thing too - we can discuss anything you want at length.

As for the stuff you mentioned in your post, what are you not clear on? I can do my best to help you out if you share the details. I’ll do my best to explain the reasoning.

EDIT: another useful link:


Thank you for the post and the link but again it brings me back to my point that it is outdated.

Now what is there is great and needs no changing but there is no talk I could see on the FAQ on what is and isn’t against the rules discussion wise. For example, ones that are widely known against the rules but are in no way spoke of on the FAQ: religion or politics.

It states nowhere on there about religion or politics yet we see so very often that they are against the rules but its all just hearsay. As much as I wish to take one mods ruling as fact I have a hard time when one says “you cant discuss that” when in fact no where can I find that to be stated.

Mods aren’t rule makers and shouldn’t really be interpreters to the best of my knowledge anyway yet as far as the majority of us know, that is exactly what is happening.





Actually, you are actually totally allowed to talk about religion and politics! However both of these are really sensitive subjects for a lot of people, and unfortunately, not everybody on the internet is able to handle these subjects maturely. As a rule of thumb, when we see discussions like this, we let them stand until we see people getting upset. Believe me, nothing is worse than a flame war about religion and politics. People get really genuinely hurt when their beliefs are attacked. The moment we get a sign of things like this starting, we have stop it in its tracks. Not because of subject matter, but because we don’t want fights starting.


This is almost always discussed before it happens, and it usually depends on what is being discussed and who is discussing it. If we see people responding that have a history of taking things too far the topic is very closely watched, and those have a history of being shut down quick. Most political topics are given a chance and some make it and don’t get closed, while religious posts I feel are a bit more of a sensitive subject for people.


But that is exactly what just happened that prompted the thread here.

I will use the most recent as my example. We were literally just talking about Hitler and whether or not he was Christian. Not exactly the most kosher of topic but everyone was being very civil and out of the blue I got told to stop.

Discussion hadn’t even gone anywhere and I even had a dev tell me to stop. That’s as hard of a rule as you can get. Discussion was halted before it could start and no one but the leader/mod had any say in the matter. You can try to tell me its not a rule but when its enforced in that manner it is.


You were asked to stop, continued, and then openly argued with a Leader.

This is very true. At the end of the day, this is the Turtle Rock forums – what we say, goes. If we feel a topic has become uncomfortable – it will be closed. End of story.

That being said, it may very well be re-opened after a few days of cooling off.

Just depends on the situation.


First off do not tell me what I did. I did not argue with anyone and for you to tell me I did is calling me a liar and I will not stand for that.

As for the rest of your post that is precisely why we need the rules updated. It is entirely guesswork over what can and cant happen and that needs some solid spelling out for everyone. We cant obey rules that we don’t know about.


You can always ask.

The rules are pretty clear IMO, and these are the custom ones set by the moderator team

There are no actual rules about politics and religion because they are not banned here, just heavily moderated.


I think you can see perfectly well why people could get upset about a topic like that. That’s pretty heavy and sensitive material, and in the say something random thread no less. If people ask to move on from stuff like that it is important to respect this.

And also, we can see your post history and can read how that entire discussion went down - I believe the action taken there was warranted after reading through it all. If you’re really upset, go ahead and take a break and come back in a while.

I think this discussion has run its course. If you or anybody else have more questions, PM one of us on the Mod team, and we’ll get back to you asap.

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