An ex-lurker's suggestion dump [wall of text warning]


So, as the title says. I’ve been trawling forums for a while, and finally made an account, which means it’s time to post stuff!

  1. ‘Auto-fire’ for Jack, and anyone really: Pretty sure someone’s asked for this before, but Jack really makes my finger joints hurt.

  2. Bigger/flashier crosshairs: It’s really easy to lose them in all the visual clutter from monster abilities, Cabot being the most badly affected since his crosshair is this tiny translucent dot with no additional markings, and yet his shot is perfectly accurate. In the middle of explosions left and right I have no idea whether I’m shooting the Goliath or his armpit hair. I think he should get a large cross, maybe with a bright colour like Slim. Perhaps customisable?

  3. Can we get a willing dev to dig out some numbers?
    How long is the base weapon switch time?
    Is reload speed ‘extra speed’ or ‘time reduction’? That is to say, with 30% reload speed, is my reload time 10/13 of base, or 7/10 of base? What about weapon switch and cooldowns?
    What are the exact slow numbers on Val/Crow/Egriffin/Abe?

  4. Greener Trapper name colour: As the monster, it’s quite annoying to tell if the guy you’re beating on is the trapper or support. The only thing you have to go on, in that split second before you choose whether to go ham, is the colour of his username. Unfortunately, the trapper’s yellowish green is close enough to the support’s yellow, making it hard to identify quickly when only one of them is onscreen so you can’t compare. It doesn’t help that text is made of thin lines that blur with the background and thus not much coloured area to look at. Maybe a more vibrant green? Or showing large class icons above the name?

  5. For Renegabe, you would think, thematically, a nerve toxin would impair the monster’s muscle control and thus reduce its damage output, whereas a corrosive would compromise its carapace, amplifying incoming damage. Why is it the other way around? Given up on this -> Also, can his dart gun have 5 shots? It shouldn’t matter since it’s mostly dot. I find it strangely difficult to land. (I keep shooting those armpit gaps. The custom crosshair thing would help here too.)

  6. Two monster choices per challenge: The hunters can play 50% of their character pool to complete challenges. However, as monster, you are required to pick a specific character. For players that enjoy monster more, but don’t play most of them, the challenges more or less force them to play hunter. If playtime is low, that means these players will end up playing nearly all hunter despite liking monster more.

  7. Feeding indicator centered on monster: Right now, feeding displays an evolve energy bar over the monster, and a food remaining bar over the corpse. Nothing wrong with this, but there are some great improvements that should be relatively easy to implement. My personal suggestion would be to colour-code the pips on the evolve bar. Say, have dark blue for previously eaten energy, bright blue for eaten energy for this current feeding, and red for uneaten food on the ground, within eating range. This will help greatly with situations where the corpse bounces/slides/flies/glitches offscreen and you have no idea how many foods are left, or when you’re munching on one corpse and you’re not sure if the other one is in range to just keep holding E. While we’re at it, brighter and bigger corpse outlines that shine through terrain, a visually explosive ‘shot-off-food/relay’ backlash, and maybe auto-move to next corpse within a short distance?

  8. Status bar: Currently, the best we have is a blue banner declaring a very informative “YOU ARE SLOWED”. How about feeding more information to players? I’d suggest a bar of icons, with remaining duration marked, so you cab see, say, that you’re under the effect of grounder, paralysing attack, shield projector, healing buoy etc. The best place for this is probably merged with the wildlife buff ui location.

Okay, that’s all from me, at least this time. What do y’all think?

Plans for Evolve Steam Workshop?
Jack needs auto-fire

I think all of your suggestions are good ones or at least interesting ones! :slight_smile:
I sometimes confuse the medic and trapper as well. The green should be greener. ^^
Except the 5 shot Nerve Toxine Dart suggestion. It’s okay that it only has 1 shot. Makes you aim for that shot, less spammable. It’s a very powerful tool. 1 shot is fair. It doesn’t have long reload cooldown after all.


Woah, somebody actually read through all that! About the Gabe darts, I just selfishly wanted a crutch for bad aim, and I thought it might be possible since 5 applications of the dot within 1 second doesn’t really matter for people who can actually aim, but reloading does for crappy old me!


Well, that’s because it isn’t a wall of text. It is well structured and you get to the point quickly.


Update: another one!

8 Status bar: Currently, the best we have is a blue banner declaring a very informative “YOU ARE SLOWED”. How about feeding more information to players? I’d suggest a bar of icons, with remaining duration marked, so you cab see, say, that you’re under the effect of grounder, paralysing attack, shield projector, healing buoy etc. The best place for this is probably merged with the wildlife buff ui location.

Main post will be updated.


Make him like Tracer from Overwatch :open_mouth:

I would love it if Evolve was connected to the steam workshop so we can use custom crosshairs and colors. I would create a crosshair that shows all the Evolve characters health next to the crosshair for Val so it’s easier to switch healing targets.

Or an Emet one that shows when someone is within range of a healing buoy so they can get the HB.

The way it works is the reload time is X seconds. Now 30% of X is Y. Subtract Y from X and you get the final reload speed.

I’m not sure on the numbers since many hunters have different reload times, i.e. Lennox’s AA cannon has a long reload, but large clip.

Along with customizable crosshairs, the colors for classes should be customizable as well. This way color blind people don’t have to pick from 3 colorblind options.

I’d make Medic Pink :wink:

Renegabe is the best after-dome chase assault and it would be too easy for him to refresh his DoT. This means instead of having 1 accurate shot from far away he could just spam the darts and get a lucky hit.

I agree. Especially since some F2P players only buy/afford 1 monster.

Once again, I think this would be great with steam workshop support.

I’d rather have the perks the monster/hunters picked near their health bar, and if in combat you can hold T to see their perks. This way people will know how they are being beaten and not think the game is broken out of the box.


Okay, I shall concede on the darts. Cries in a corner while missing point blank darts

In your other responses though, you mention steam workshop a lot. While it’d definitely be cool, and maybe it’d eventually expand the character and weapon skins, I don’t think that’s a possibility in the near future, reason being a dev said somewhere their UI team is the most swamped by far. I doubt they have the resources to produce a modding interface. Just giving us a few shape options and colour sliders would be good enough for far less effort.


I only disagree with 1. and 5. (5: on the ammo part only) but the rest are very fair suggestions and honestly really good ones too.


Isn’t there an option that deals with 4?

It lets you add the class symbol next to hunters name I’m pretty sure to help identify who is who better.


I tried that option, but it seems to keep glitching on and off really quickly and hurts the eyes. Does it worm for you? I heard it also doesn’t appear for the monster player.


I have no idea, never used it as hunter or monster.


Random thought: it’d be sooo cool to see some of these appear on the trello board. One can always hope!

I’ve got a larger suggestion this time, probably deserves its own thread. I’ll do that when I can, ie tomorrow. For now, it’s here:

A lot of people have suggested a pick order, like draft mode, where 2 hunters pick, then the monster, then 2 hunters. I think draft mode is a cool idea but Evolve’s asymmetry will probably cause too many problems there, and there’ll be disputes on which hunters should pick first. So here’s my take: how about a blind pick for characters as usual, then perk picks after the reveal? It lets you have some sort of countering or adaptation, without it being too much ‘auto-pick hard counter’, and also avoids the scenario where your perks end up being totally useless against the matchup. Thoughts?

Main post won’t be updated this time, give me about 24h to make a new thread.