An Evolve Novel?


I’ve been working on a novel for Evolve after I heard about it prior to the beta’s release; and seeing the content here and other things I’m actually a bit skeptical to continue; on the grounds that it might not be as liked as I think it could be. I’ve reached about 43 pages in writing but still I’m a bit skeptical.

What do you all think? Should I scrap it while I’m ahead or see it through to the end?


As a fellow writer, I shall say this now – never scrap ANYTHING. You never know when something you’ve written could spark another idea. It’s always best to keep it just in case you have a moment when you’re like 'Oh yeah… now that I think about it that thing I wrote last year is kind of like this…" you can actually look back and find it!

As for this particularly, skepticism is definitely a problem, but instead of thinking ‘will this be liked’ ask instead 'do I like this". If you answer that you don’t like it anymore, it’s best to either take some time away from it or just let it go. I know how hard the latter can be too, but doing so will open you up to write something you LOVE instead of something you’re making yourself finish.


Novel? Evolve? Keep going man!


If it was awesome (I have no doubts that something Evolve related could suck :P) I would absolutely LOVE an Evolve novel. Especially if it could capture the character of the Hunters, and the teeth-chattering, heart-pounding stealth and horror… This could be amazing!


Well I’m trying to get it published as well with permission from Turtle Rock Studios; my first book in other words; over a game that I really like. That’s why I’m so careful on this; the first book someone writes is the defining factor for the rest of their writing career.

And I do like it; actually I like it a lot; I actually have a feel for each character and I’m filling in the gaps the wiki’s left.


Thank you for the support; I’ll keep things rolling then.


Well I also plan to not just fill the gaps left by the wiki, but also add some story on the side of the Monsters; making you feel for both the Hunters yet at the same time the Monsters, making you really wonder who’s the good guy; us or them?


Then by all means, go for it! We’re a pretty loving community after all and everyone here loves hearing more on Evolve, including fan fiction. Good luck and have fun!


Are you sticking with hunters from the Canon or are you making your own characters?
(I totally understand if you do not wish to disclose this info)


Two books that are an absolute necessity for new writers of speculative fiction:

Get them, and keep writing!


Canon hunters.

OCs wont work


Cool! I am actually really excited about this… Gonna follow this post!


Yeah. Hopefully it can get published and make it big in the near future, once I finish it.


Thank you.

I’ll put updates ever so often, especially if I get the OK to publish the novel


Thank you for the support friend.



I finished assembling the team; a major milestone in the novel’s works.

Wish me luck to assemble the rest of things and make this the best novel I can make it to be. I’ll add in as much action and emotion as possible; thank you all for the support.


I like the idea. I mean, you said Evolve and novel in the same sentence, so I’m sold. But the devs may not feel the same. I get the feeling that your novel may clash with some of the in-game story, or story that TRS plans to add. Nevertheless, keep going! You’ll probably do them proud.

@Matthew Since you’re the guy when it comes to story… Well? What do you think.


I started making an Evolve novel thing that takes place sometime after the events of Evolve myself, but it’s mainly just a personal writing thing for fun. One day I was chilling, preaching Evolve to my classmates as I so often do (some of them get pissed off whenever I mention it around them now) when I had a thought: What would happen if a monster got past Stage 3? So now I’m, like, writing about a “Godliath” scenario. I encourage you to continue writing this thing bro! If you are able to publish that would be awesome, and I want to be one of the first ones to read it if and when it’s out! Good luck friend, and happy writing! :blush:


Well the main story is like swiss cheese; there are a lot of gaps in there; some that people can make up their own ideas for but some are an issue.

For example, how did Cabot even find someone like Hyde? Or better yet are the Monsters really an invasive species?

I’m filling the gaps with detailed story and you may be right, but I’m hoping the Devs see how hard I’m trying to really bring out a major novel; I don’t even want pay for it; just being recognized for writing the Evolve Novel is enough for me.


Well it all depends on how the Devs like it first of all; and who knows, they might love it. And in the novel I’m writing, ironically titled Evolve- Extraction, I’m also showcasing the perspective of a Goliath as well; chronicling his growth and change over time to a more powerful Monster.

But if the Developers and Makers like my novel, then yes it can be in stores or eBook.