An Evolve movie... who would you cast?



I get the joke. I was explaining why I didn’t make it myself. I’ve actually made it before, in another thread.


How does that translate then? I’m not sure how I could have interpreted that as you making the joke before somewhere else but didn’t want to put it here :stuck_out_tongue:


I think he’d do great. Maybe age him up a bit Hollywood style and he’d fit right in!


I never said that me having made the joke before was why I didn’t make it here. Behemoth needing to be a fat guy was the reason for me not making it; I was merely adding to that statement by iterating that I have made the joke myself and, therefore, understand it.







If you can imagine the actor playing the role of the characters in this cutscene, then they can do the job.


I’m forgetting his name off the top of my head but the guy who voices Markov is Markov lol take a look at him


Uhhh… okay…


Just realized we finished all of Tier 3. Still need Val, Griffin, Slim, Crow, and Torvald, but we aren’t far off.


I could see Jennifer Aniston playing her.

Idk any Australian actors :confused:

Jeremy Renner in bug suit

Jackie Chan

Thought we already had him but Hugh Jackman Chris Pratt

I also see you didnt add in my pictures for Emet :c

In that case, just use the voice actor, Grant George.


Man, what a stud. However, I get to wear the Emet Costume in the movie. fuck now I want to see the hidden/nonexistent videos of Grant in the studio doing the V/O. :weary: :pensive:


Hugh Jackman as Griffin. He’s Australian and looks the part with a bit of make up.


Eddie Hall as Hyde would be damn near perfect.


Hall could probably actually kill a monster himself, so I thought it perfect.