An Evolve movie... who would you cast?


That’s a shame :joy: i think he’d be perfect. Tag me when you pick out a Parnell okay? I’m curious to see your preference.


Okay, will do.


Ken Watanabe for Cabot.


Better picture :slight_smile: Just wisp out the mustache slightly.


I could totally see that.
I think Idris Elba would be a good Parnell, but Terry Crews could be good. He isn’t just the power screaming guy.


That resemblance is crazyyyyy.


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Parnell is clean shaven, which doesn’t translate well for idris Elba

images (11)

Who usually always rocks a beard

I would have to see IE with goggles on and a mean demeanor lol


I’m going to choose Winston Duke

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For Parnell

Im also liking Denzel Washington for the role

@maddcow if you know anyone that could Photoshop Parnell goggles on these actors that would help :joy:


I could do it if I wasn’t at work :stuck_out_tongue:


Just whenever you get a chance then!


It’s too bad Vin Diesel isn’t black.



He has the right goggles at least lol


Ya, there are a few shots from the Riddick series that you could peel the goggles off to put on other people’s heads


Just add a high reflective surface to the goggles and you’ve got Parnell goggles


In game they weren’t too reflective tho.



I will say it again, Nathalie Emmanuel as Sunny!


I was looking for her before! She looks dead on like Sunny. I just couldn’t remember her name.


Is it just me or does sunny’s staff thing look exactly like Mercy’s caduceus staff?


I see minor resemblance.


Because Behemoth had to be a fat guy.