An Evolve movie... who would you cast?


Why not the voice actor, I think she could do it.



I can’t really see it, just based on how much younger than Lennox she looks. Then again, Hollywood makeup is incredible.


Looks are only one part of a good casting.

Also, makeup can do a lot.


Parnell - Terry Crews.

Hyde - Tom Hardy thanks @Hillbilly_Deathlord

Val - Daisey Ridley or however it’s spelled. Rey from Star Wars 7.

Cabot - Jeffrey Dean Morgan


Tom Hardy played Bane


J Hill, the Character Artist who made her, used Robin Wright as reference for an older, yet strong and beautiful woman.

Plus she’s just a fucking kickass actress, loved her in House of Cards and Wonder Woman.


Terry Crews is the type of dude to get himself out of a plant


That’s pretty obvious, right down to the eye color. But the problem (for me) is that the voices are everything for me. That’s the strongest connection I have to the characters. While not all the actors fit physical bill, I think it could work in this case.


Michael Clarke Duncan for Parnell if he wasn’t deceased :frowning:


How can you not cast the Rock as Behemoth (the Rock) XD

And while we’re there, I think Tom Holland would actually make a pretty good Jack


I was just about to say tom holland as Jack. I like Daisey Ridley for Val. Hmm, maybe Karl Urban as Cabot? Hugh Jackman as Griffin.


“Got em hooked”


I thought about this, but didn’t, because the age, and personality seem wrong to me.


Idris Elba mayyyyyyyyybe but that’s the only one I can think of.


I just updated the main OP with a lot of the suggestions people threw in, keep 'em coming people. We still don’t have actors for Val, Griffin, Cabot, Parnell, Slim, Sunny, Crow, or Torvald. The only fully finished tier is T5.


Markov: Dave Bautista

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I don’t know, people have pitched him before but I can’t really see it. I’d much rather have a Russian actor playing Markov, personally.

(I realize Vinny isn’t Russian, but I still think he’s a more natural fit for the role than Bautista.)


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Tom selleck in his prime is the perfect abe

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I can understand the rest, but you can’t see Terry Crews as Parnell?


No, not at all, to be honest.