An Evolve Lore Compendium: Whatchathink?


So, not really sure if anyone besides me actually gives a Goliath’s Greasy Hindquarters about story and worldbuilding, but I recently took on a little personal project collecting together all the info we can gather from the maps, characters, dialogue, short stories, and game text of Evolve, that has to do with the world the game takes place in. Not just the world of Shear, mind you, but the entire universe surrounding Shear. It’s likely going to involve just as many crackpot theories as it does facts that have been spotted, but I’m curious - Would anyone here be interested in me finishing that up and posting it here?


List of the I game lore would be neat and I would definitively like to see this

Here’s some canon by the writer at evolve if it helps


As a Evolve lore nerd I’d love to see it.


I would be in favour of this. I find during the hunt I’m so focused the dialogue is just background noise plus I often hear the same dropship dialogue


Way ahead of you on this one, I’ve already started writing a Shear Lore guide that includes: Detailed information of all the Monsters and Wildlife, the Hunters origins, and information different worlds (the worlds stuff is noncanon of course, as the game only takes place on Shear, just thought it would be cool to add that in).

Cheers! :smile:


Dude, THANK YOU. I thought there were only the three shorts, this’ll give me a lot more to work with.


I might not be going into fan-creation sorta things here. This is more an examination of all the lesser known lore - Things that are only mentioned in brief, could be mentioned 4 or 5 times in different scenarios. This compendium would be bringing all those pieces together for a reader to understand. I’ll clearly mark out what are theories and what are facts, and hopefully, allow people to better understand the world of Evolve.

Currently, I am focusing more on the current state of humanity, and it’s different corporate and government factions that are mentioned.


I’m not doing that either, I’m using educated guesses. Like Factor, for example. It was destroyed by the monsters previously. And The Hub. Not really a world, more like a space station I guess where a lot of crazy shit happens. Just places of interest mentioned in the lore, really.


I actually have a bit of a differing opinion on Hub.

I think that ‘Hub’ more refers to an area of space, or something akin to a country (But, again, space-based) That consists of the central government of Earth, the Sol System, and all it’s colonies…


Hm. I always thought it was like a big space station that people went to just because. I guess I was way off. Shouldn’t have skimmed Cabot’s story, lol.


Well, it’s sensible. Wasn’t Hub the name of the station in dead space 2?


Pretty sure it was Titan Station, but I can’t remember.