An Evolve guide to flirting


Are you a hunter? Because I want to charge at you with my love - Goliath

You’re way too far, come closer to me! - Behemoth

It’s not like I like you or anything! - Tsundere Kraken using Banshee mines

You know what’s better than one of me? Two of me! - Wraith using decoy

Add more you lovely romantic scrubs!


I feel like this is more narcissistic than flirting.

Also please, keep it clean.


Keeping it clean? Consider me a vaccum then :blush:


Well, I’ve nothing to add to this subject; I’m terrible with such matters.


I accidentally clicked here instead of the random thread thinking it was the random thread :confounded:


I feel like we had a bunch of these somewhere? Anyone remember where?


I barely did anything and I scarred you?

… Awesome!


My old thread which I’m sure is locked down


It was more just being here on accident that was surprising.

Whaaa? when did this thread get smaller? xD

derpy mcderper over here :stuck_out_tongue:


Found it, been dead far too long for a lazing though


Unintentional puns are the best kind of giggle.


“I think you need to take things slow.” Val

“Protecting you is what I do.” Sunny



Must. Resist. Urge. To make a behemoh tongue joke…
Hyde: I’d strap a flamethrower to that.
Laz: Shnuggling is possible.
Crow: Uhm… … … … … Hey
Torvald: Sigh
Jack: The Jackal requires a mate


This gif is on every thread now


“I’ll track you down no matter where you go” - Abe
“You make my heart accelerate” -Caira
“The feelings field is ready” -Lazarus
“Gobi go” -Crow and his wingman


I’m not sure if this is cute or creepy ._.


If it comes from Abe I’d be scared.


I think only Griffin could pull that one off, in the olde-timely romantic way.

Otherwise you have an underage kid, or two loners (in the non-derogatory sense)


My friends and i reaction when caira says “faster, faster, faster”