An Evolve Dubstep (Completed By @Soul)


I was watching the stream and saw the Battlefy season 2 trailer that had a short dubstep with jack dialog ect. I would love a full 3 to 5 min song (if possible) of dubstep with a majority of the characters dialog. That Jack part in the trailer really got me. It was something like “Stop! I commmmand you!”…loved it. Would anyone else like this?



</10 char


Only if the drop was good and there wasn’t too many voice clips. Otherwise, no.


He’ll yeah. Gotta have a good drop to dubstep. That’s the only kind I listen to. The kind that when I have headphones on, my head vibrates :grin:.


I’ve wanted this pretty much ever since I heard Hyde saying “Fine! And I’m ready for the drop…”

Want to get that isolated and put in a dubstep mix so bad :smiley:

Edit: I actually have an internal dubstep rave every time I hear that line


Awww snap. I can hear it now! Doo doo doo doo doo silence “Fine! And I’m ready for the drop!” BOW, CHOO, WHAAAAAN, DUHN DUHN DUHN! A LITTLE SPEED BOOST! BOWN BOWN DO YOUR JOB!..lmao can you hear it?


And except for asking Val for adrenaline, Hyde asked for extacsy.


sadly evolve hasn’t got a signature melody…one could work with…or if I am mistaken please tell me…<.<…


Is anyone doing this? If not I will

Should of thought of this a long time ago

Could have it done in a day or two

But if someone else is already working on it I’ll pass, music video editing is my specialty

Ahh screw it I might just do it for fun when I get home


Well im home now, gunna start putting together this music video, no promises on a date to be finished (Damn you full-time job!) but i have a ton of fun doin this stuff so depending on how technical i wanna get I should have it uploaded in a few days


Thank…you! :cry::cry: lol. I knew there had to be someone on these forums with skills to match the task at hand. It was only a matter of time until you revealed yourself. No one to my knowledge aside from yourself has stepped up to atempt this. I will be watching the forums for what you come up with. Lol


Do you have any more information about that particular piece of dialogue??? like who he was talking to when he said that?? cuz i want to use that and the only way i can figure to get it is to keep loading dropships with hyde in hope i get that scene, unless its on youtube, which i havent found that yet… anyone


He’s chatting to Val about how she could pump him so full of tranqs he wouldn’t wake up for a month


Thank you!!! now ill kjust load dropships with Val and hyde to get it hopefully i desnt take forever, xoxo


Happy to halp. :stuck_out_tongue:


Check here. Theres pretty much every hunter convo in this thread.


Good, you liked my post. I was hoping you’d see that quickly before tring to find it in-game first lol. I’ll provide whatever tools I can to help get this ASAFP lol. No rush, I’ll be here.



im gunna have to get it in game that thread u posted doesnt have a hyde-Val link…



So far ive found Val saying “I’m Ready for the Drop” to hank, but still looking

and now on the 4th dropship i loaded i got hyde saying it, so now im like 2% done yay


This sounds like a job for @GIRTHZILLA