An evil game idea


Do not be offended by this PC players, its meant be a funny game idea that’s cruel.

After you guys here this idea, one of you can up a name for this game idea okay.

This game is a shooter and it has a campaign and everything. But when you go into the settings, it has everything a PC player could want. But everytime the player tries to bump up a setting, a box message will appear saying “no high graphics for you”.

When you click on it again each time it display different messages that are just plain silly. After the last click, a new message pops up saying “You really want high graphics”? You click yes, “If you really want high graphics, you have to play this minigame at 1FPS.”

Once you completed the minigame, you only bump up your settings by 1, and you have to keep doing that minigame over and over again until you reach the desired setting. Also if you try accessing the games code or modding it to have high graphics, in the code it will display a message saying “You trying to get high graphics the casual way.”

The game will strictly run at 30FPS, and if anybody mods the game to be 60FPS the game will detect it in its coding and set its difficulty to impossible, where all the enemies move way to fast for their own good. It would be so fast that its super hard to control your character and shoot the enemies, and when you die a message will pop up saying “That’s what you get you dirty hacker.”

I also forgot to mention that the figure in the message is internet explorer xD.

Well guys that’s all that I can come up with. Anybody can come up with anything else? Who knows, maybe a random person might make this a reality.


I wouldn’t buy it for sure. I didn’t spend 4K on my PC to play a game that does this.

My game idea is so that there is a console exclusive title, so that the FPS is well over 60 and if you try to make it go under 60, the game will crash. This way the system is well over stressed. The game would be called ‘Just a Prank, Bro’.


I would say this is a great idea, so long it is F2P :smiley:
Make a nice trailer around it to attract folks. Oh god, would be so hilarious.


NOPE, thumbs down, console players aren’t rage-induced crybabies. (Lmao, jk)

Needless to say…[quote=“XplosionIncorporated, post:2, topic:87063”]
I didn’t spend 4K on my PC to play a game that does this.

You get what you paid for. That’s why consoles are $350, not $4,000.


Only ridiculously souped up pc’s cost anywhere near that much.


No, it’s the cost of my whole setup. Dual monitors, mouse, keyboard. My PC was around 3,000


It’s not a fair comparison to a console though. You didn’t need to spend $3,000. To have a decent gaming pc.

I didn’t need to spend $1,500 on mine, but I wanted it to be beefy and aesthetically pleasing. :slight_smile:


I think a game that randomly changes your controls mid game would be simple, yet very cruel. It would annoy the hell out of me at the very least. :smile:


it’s glorious


That sounds interesting. It’d have to be a relatively simple game. Maybe as you get better at reacting to the constantly changing controls it gets more challenging. I like it.


I certainly won’t pay for one that much…

I hope to start PC Gaming in a few years, anyway…


Sounds like hardcore mindfuck.


Definitely no need to. :slight_smile:


Maybe when you successfully reached max graphics this will play heheheh.


Joke’s on you, I love that song.


The batteries in my sense of humor must need replacing


I remember when I was a child and I got rick rolled me an my little brother didn’t know what was happening at the time lol