An evacuation mode?


I think an evacuation mode would be interesting. Monster is on the offensive the whole time as the hunters are waiting to be taken off the planet. The hunters have stolen an egg(assuming they have eggs as hinted in game mode nest) and the match starts with the team agreeing on an extraction point. The monster should be without his smell, and he would want to level up and try and find the hunters. The hunters would also want to keep him from leveling up but also keep in mind when it’s time to jam to the extraction point. To make it more intense once everyone is in they should make a qte (a slow to fast button sequence) for each player to complete depending on their spot inside. The gps that navigated the ship to the extraction point had a malfunction so the qte is the the characters locking down the ship and flipping switches and what not preparing to leave. All this while the monster is on top tearing up the ship similar to the power relay. If a player messes up their qte they recieve another random button sequence to complete. This was kind of just made up after I wrote evacuation mode, so it can be improved :slight_smile:

If only one person makes it to the ship they can choose what to do, try a qte and lock down the ship to make damage bar larger, or skip straight to the pilot seat if they feel they have enough time before the monster arrives.

I’m sure this idea wouldn’t really fit, maybe when Evolve: Again releases


It sounds alot like HUNT, the only difference is instead of a power relay, it’s an evacuation.


It is similar but I feel it would play quite a bit different.


With the mobility differential as extreme as it is right now, the only way I can see this functioning is by having the hunter have permanent death. They can split up, but the monster will kill one each and every time it finds one. There just is no escape from a monster unless you are Laz or the support.

That being said, the first person to be found just gets to sit there not playing while the team tries to succeed anyways. Creates a boring game for at least one person every game. That’s not something I can support.

You could keep smell and implement a special map with small tunnels and whatnot for the hunters to escape in, but then you would have to give the hunters some other objectives aside from just ‘wait.’ You’d need to give them something like a lighthouse to power up, a couple landing zones to clear, and a refueling station to optimize. None of these things would have to be mandatory, since that would just create a situation where the monster can camp one and force a fight. They would all help the hunters escape though, such as the landing zone clearing and lighthouse prevent the ship from taking damage as it comes in, and the refueling station makes taking off again quicker. If they choose to just hide and wait, the monster can level up and have a much easier time destroying the already damaged ship.

Basically, you want to prevent bad situations. such as one character having a boring match, or forcing a fight.


The Eggs are freaking gigantic. These hunters aren’t ants. They can’t carry objects many times their weight.

I have a different one though. Evacuation meaning evacuate several defenseless civilians. It’s an Escort mission at it’s core. The Hunters must protect several survivors (Just for the sake of player sanity let’s give the civies pistols, so they can at least have some defense) from the monster. The score is decided by whoever gets the most civilians to either the dropship or the afterlife.


As much as I’ve always hated escort missions in other games, it sounds like an interesting concept.

If the civilians were armed, maybe they could be useful a little bit…but punish the Hunters if they let one die, because they are particularly nutritious to the Monster.


The punishment is getting closer to losing.

There would have to be only 3 or 4, since the health would be comparable to a hunter.

Remember, Kill Lazarus Immediately


Okay, how about you crash land on the planet and you have to search the map for a couple pieces to repair the ship and escape. The monster is without his sense ability and the crashed ship has auto tracking weapons that should be fairly strong to keep the monster from camping the crash site. The hunters should start on the map first and the rounds should be timed with a countdown to complete for an unknown reason at the moment. Do you split up to find the pieces faster and you won’t be as noticeable when not in a large group? I’m not really thinking these through, just kind of throwing ideas and seeing how you guys can tweak them.