An appreciation for original L4D visual designs


Hello Everyone. I just joined the forum mostly out of interest in the new game and this is going to be my first post here. (Dark Fantasy has been my thing for quite sometimes) Probably one of a few people who has never played Evolve. Used to play L4D long time ago though.

I guess this thread is a bit inspired by those ‘Is Left 4 Dead Dark Fantasy’ comments. (I know it really isn’t that game, don’t call me out for that :stuck_out_tongue: ) But it actually made me think how there seems to be quite a subline fantastical elements to it that I couldn’t put my hand on to why until later. The game lasted me quite an impression so perhaps here is some thoughts about it

What I’d like to talk here is about the design of characters and how it constribute to the atmosphere. Comapring to Valve takes on the game. What really stands out for me would be the special infected in the first game when compared to the newly added ones in the second game (…And the ‘new smoker’). They feel more minimal and somewhat ‘mysterious and uncanny’. A feeling that even with mutation, there was a kind of humanity in them (and you can play as SI, here’s that.) More sick and tragic rather than going out to be just disgusting. I haven’t seen a lot like that before in gaming.

Then it comes to the visual designs of the first games survivors, where there is a comparision to be made between Valve design. The original was a bit more uniform, coherent look and ‘darker feel’. On the other hand I feel like Valve designs’ got a stronger character. More personality and varying look between character can make things more interesting. I would even say that I like them more that way, especially Francis’ shaved head, but it’s also because I’ve got used to it more. L4D2 Infected do seem to have more personality as well, and they go well with a lighter road movie feel, but also can be a bit too gimmicky in my feeling.

However the original designs when put together has got a unique stylised ‘modern gothic’ vibe that would make things unique as the SI seem quite unique and interesting concept as a whole. This goes back to the ‘dark fantasy’ point again. The fuzzy lore and environmental storytelling goes quite well in a background of the game, A lot of things go unexplained, which creates quite a mythic atmosphere and even a ‘supernatural’ undertone for a virus outbreak…

…This is probably just me making things up to ramble too far than it really is, but as a hobbyist artist the game has been influencing my works for quite a bit, and thank you for a great experience!



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