An announcement from the Shear Public Safety Commissioner


Attention all Shear residents please do not go 1V1 with a monster without a team of highly skilled hunters to back you up. A Mr.Torvald did it and look what happened to him…? He got no legs anymore due to running off and trying to go ham sandwich with a monster alone with no teammates.

This has been a public service announcement by the Shear Public Safety Commissioner



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Well actually, the way Torvald is now he can 1v1 monster no problem and kill it.



But that is after he lost half his body so the moral of the story is get chopped in half hold a genocide grudge and get mortars that do 1000 damage per hit and then… get sneak pounced.


Actually it is proof that you should go 1v1 against a monster. He seems superior now to me. No more cramps, can run all day. Wouldn’t wanna run a marathon against him.


Don’t go 1v1 with a monster… because you will get turned into a kickass cyborg?


when public security announcements backfire completely


This looks more like advertisement than warning :smiley:


SPSC: Well if it was why would you want an entirely new all non magnetic super durable imperious to intense heat and the environment exo skeleton. Complete with built in thruster and jetpacks. Even if you bought it now you also would get a built in mortar cannon capable of dealing with situations monsters or even pesky neighbors. All for the low price of half of your body and years of therapy. Now why would I do that it is almost as if Shear wanted me to say all this stuff so they can get rid of there pesky monster problem and get paid a lot of money in the processes I would never so something like that -click-

SPSC: Well man people are dumb wanting that… Nettles how are the sacks of money coming along that I got paid to do this stupid PSA.

Nettles: Sir the mic is still on.

SPSC: Motherfu… -Click-


“Some people get it easy” :’(