An animal companion for someone other than Trapper?


I’ve been thinking: All animal companions in game belong to Trappers. Maggie has Daisy (who actively sniffs out the monster). Crow has Gobi (who can fly over a large area and scan the ground). Daisy is like a second medic as she can sneakily revive people.

In war, they often have ‘soldier dogs.’ Police canines are very popular as well. In many areas, dogs act as rescuers!

So why not give Medic a ‘Medic Companion.’ Perhaps it could be another trapjaw that wears medic garb and can heal people (Ex: run over to an injured player and deploy a heal burst slightly weaker than the medic’s). Perhaps it could be another batray that can swoop down and revive people. Or maybe you can have a Blitz leopard that knocks enemies off of pounced players, including the monster. I mean, Blitz leopards are pack animals, right?

Or perhaps Assault deserves an animal companion. I mean, we’ve already established that Hyde can strap a flamethrower on Daisy. So perhaps having a predatory/damaging animal (Trapjaw, blitz leopard, mammoth bird) that can run into battle could be nice as well. You know how much the fandom would absolutely love a pet Mammoth bird! :smiley: Especially the mosnter as the mammoth bird would have to be downed at the very least twice to die outright without Laz on the team. ;D

How about a support animal that can offer shields? Like a Reaver or Strider that runs over to a specific player and casts a shield.

(Here’s some pictures I drew of it. :stuck_out_tongue: Please excuse the quality. I drew it on the Note Drawing Pad or whatever it’s called on the phone.)

Basically, they’re wearing a standard ‘Search and Rescue’ dog vest.

That isn’t a rocket launcher on the STrider’s back. It’s a shield projector.

They’re wearing plated armor because I’m not good at drawing armor.
EDIT: I just realized that the trapjaw only has 3 legs. He… uh… lost it in a monster fight… yeah.


They don’t have to be animals from shear lol


Daisy is from Shear so I rode on that.


A Medic Mammoth Bird who can heal burst. <3


I think it would be cool for assault to have a Blitz Leapord that attacks.


The only issue I see with having another “party member” on screen would be a party of six. Let’s say assault has a pet, that’s 2 party members right there. Because companions count as party members.

Your party would be:

Assault w/pet = 2
Maggie w/ Daisy = 2

Don’t get me wrong. I would love a medic or support pet that flew around healing or shielding. But how would you counter it? It’s not easy enough for every monster to attack something in the air. And this would be a totally different approach than daisy. Daisy just tracks and revives. She doesn’t affect the fight as much. She basically just tracks the monster in a dome. And she’s on the ground and can be easily dealt with.
I’m by no means against it, I would love for TRS to find a way for it to work.


Not for long mwuahahsahahahahanah


I didn’t read everything but it sounded likely forgot about the healing bug drone that slim has


Mammoth Bird as a Pet ? Omg the whole community cant beat them in a Challenge O.O OP AS HELL


Pretty sure that’s a drone not a pet.

Like the shield drone.


Nah, the shield drone is a drone cause its a robot. The healing drone is a pet because its a bug and a living creature


What about a medic with a blitzleopord that spreads a mist that heals and the medic tamed the leopard with a device that the medic operates, when the medic dies the link is destroyed and the leopard turns feral.


Ur one classy bear


It would be hard to do. I mean, Medic having a companion would seem redundant. Daisy already revives. I think I’d be cool with Assault having a pet, but how would you do it? Put a Flamethrower on it? None of the tamable wildlife is big or tough enough to straight up attack the Monster (other than Reavers and Trapjaws, but Trapjaw is taken and nobody loves Reavers. Also, Reavers are weaklings)

I think a Trapper could have a Spotter pack or something. Lay them down like Sound Spikes, but they move around the map randomly and come back after a period of time. That would be cool. Been waiting for that for a while, but it won’t ever happen.

While giving Assault a Blitzleopard is a cool concept, it would be nearly useless against the Monster. Blitzers don’t attack the Monster. Wildlife, sure, but the Monster would decimate it.

I think the ability to actually tame a creature mid-match would be nice. Grab an Elite Sloth and make it attack the Monster. Or a Tyrant. Or a flock of Mammoth Birds.

Overall, it would be sweet, but it would be hard to implement and it would tax the hell out of console and PC alike. They’d have to write whole new scripts for the new behavior, make new models and textures, and bind them to a Hunter without the scripts conflicting, THEN balance them. Again, it would be awesome and I’d like to see what they could cook up, but maybe not worth it.


the male of the honeybee and other bees, stingless and making no honey, who’s only purpose is mating with the queen.
an unmanned aircraft or ship that can navigate autonomously, without human control or beyond line of sight:
the GPS of a U.S. spy drone.

Either its a machine or give me France and never heal me again.


Steamadon instead of blitzy. Already has a cloud effect.


It doesn’t change the fact that its alive and That its an animal with some cyborg parts. Drone is just a name. If it becomes a robot, than its a true drone


Can we confirm this? Because if not, i’m forced to assume its a unmaned machine for mental health reasons. I know his shotgun pellets are alive through in game chat.

But I don’t like a bee dropping its “nectar” down on me while I’m trying to kill something.

P.s. I hate that evolve is shit at naming stuff with misleading names. Another case? Decoy. =)


It’s still regenerist, like Val’s MedGun and Caira’s Grenades. Not “nectar”

EDIT: It’s a drone because it is autonomous, meaning that it doesn’t require operation and can do the job on its own.


Still not see in anything confirming this. Not saying I’m right. But PROVE me wrong. Not just throw stuff out randomly. Post in game chat video, screenshot, something.