AN Angry Message for all Kraken players

No fun allowed. Got it. Glad to see this forum for a game rated M is filled with younger audiences that aren’t allowed to see already censored bad words.


Markov>kraken. Just sayin’…


Before you continue to QQ, do you know why most people play Kraken?
Because of Slim Hank/Sunny Jack comps. It’s not fun as a melee if you can’t see and can’t move.
So, how about you adapt to the Krakens, like the Monster player adepted to cloud spamming, immovable comps?


reaction to the thread


I’m only gonna use Kraken now.

That’s because people counterpick. I don’t. I play for funsies, not wins. If I lose a boxing match with the Goliath, that’s on me. If I lose cuz the Kraken just stays in the air and shoots corpses from across the dome, that’s not me. That’s the Kraken being a sh**


Guess you’re just anti-fun then.

And lemme just open my gamechanger aaand…

Oh. Sorry.

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You know it.

Played against a Kraken yesterday. He was decent. At the start we weren’t doing so well, as we were mostly just taking his armour off and not doing any real damage. He got to S2 without HP loss. Then as the match progressed we were able to whittle his health down over a series of domes.

I love fighting krakens. It’s a fun experience for me. Fight on the ground? Kraken isn’t supposed to. Kraken is defeatable.

Then use the autocannon… If you’re wasting time running after kraken with the PL, you’re clearly playing wrong and it would be partly your fault for losing. Use the autocannon, when kraken is close us the PL or TS. Markov is the best assault for kraken, but Torvald can also work if you use the appropriate playstyle.

Punching in the face is my way of saying to fight on even ground. Not just as Lennox. I do like Lennox tho. All the Kraken ever does is run and teaches Cheese tactics.

Either way. Kraken is still beatable. And it’s a great feeling when you do beat him, because he makes you earn it. He’s the only monster against whom Hunters aren’t OP. I’d say it’s quite balanced.

Also, run? Krakens don’t run that much. If I play kraken, and I’m up against a good team, I’ll play defensive until I have an “in”, and then go full aggro.

Well duh. Have you ever seen a kraken fight on the ground? If kraken couldn’t fly he would simply be the worst monster ever. Out of all the monsters kraken is a laughable joke while on the ground. A complete and utter joke.

I haven’t fought a Kraken that didn’t do anything other than shoot it’s shockwaves from just around a wall and completely avoid the hunters and just poking till they die

Then he’s just not fun to fight against.

Better dome positions?
Reposition and flush him out?

Those tricks doesn’t work for casuals :smiley:

I checked my Game Changer


Which is what’s frustrating. =I It’s just a matter of putting in some effort. And then by collectively not wanting to put in effort, changes end up being made that are unnecessary and tilt the balance.

This is the current stage of Kraken balance

Same skill Kraken > Same skilled hunters

Same skilled hunters > Same skilled Goliath/Behemoth

Same skilled hunters = same skilled Wraith

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