An alternate Strike System suggestion and "Overhealing"


I like the strikes. I think it’s a great gameplay mechanic, but there’s something that kinda rubs me wrong. As it stands:

If you get downed and are picked back up by anyone but Lazarus, you gain a strike. On your second non-Lazarus pickup, you gain a second strike (each seemingly clipping 20% HP off your max health) On your third incapacitation, you are killed, and though you can be rezzed infinitely by Lazarus at this point, you will keep the 2-strike penalty.

When a Monster gets to Stage 3 (worst case scenario), his ability to down players with little to no effort is truly terrifying (as it should rightly be). But I wonder if a small change in the game mechanics would give the Hunters a modicum of more survivability. My suggestion is:

Same as above, however, in the event you die and are not rezzed before you respawn, you respawn with 1 more strike than your last spawn (maximum 2). So let’s say I drop into a new game. I have 0 strikes on me. We get into battle, I end up getting 2 strikes, and I am subsequently killed and I respawn. I would now have 1 strike permanently on me (not 2 like the game enforces) Of course, if I go through the same process again, from that point forward, all my future respawns will start me with 2 permanent strikes.

In short, players gain 1 extra “spawn wave” having 20% more HP than normal.

This gets me into my second idea: Overhealing.

For any player with strikes, the Medic can heal that player 1 strike’s worth above their current max, however, once the healing stops, the health begins to tick back down (1%/sec) until back at their max health.

Just throwing some thoughts out there.


Omg I love this idea. It sucks going 2 strikes against a competent stage 3 Monster and knowing you’ll get one shotted inevitably.

This is a pretty balanced idea that still punishes people for being incapped, but gives a fighting chance for people at late stages of the game.


I’m not a fan of modifying the strike system, because I don’t think the balance is off in that regard.

I do however really like the overheal idea. Fantastic idea really, and even though it’s a simple change it adds a lot in terms of how the best medics will play out their strategy. Good thinking!

That being said, I don’t think the hunters need any kind of a buff, I just really like your idea in terms of tactical diversity for the medic. Would you have a similarly subtle-but-awesome idea to buff the monster just slightly to compensate for this hunter buff? lol. :wink:


Pretty interesting ideas, not far fetched at all and completely a possible realistic thing. Just ask, is it necessary though? I think that if a team is beaten up by the monster before level 3, the monster probably has already won due to a skill diference. It does however give a definite fighting chance to a team that has failed against a level 3 monster. Just is it necessary? Do the hunters need it? Is it giving the hunters too many chances?


Disagree here. The strike system is there to make sure that players try to keep each other up, not only alive. Take out strikes before someone is actually killed and laz becomes largely useless except for reviving the dead. It also doesn’t reward the monster, especially the stage 1 or 2 monster, for focusing on players enough to give them that down penalty.

Having seen and played in enough fights now, if there is nothing to reward a monster for having focused that hunter, then getting into fights at early stages is pointless, and you’ll just encourage complete stealth tactics. The strike system feels really well balanced and gives the right amount of reward vs risk.

It’d be interesting to see if future medic characters would have any different healing abilities, but for the ones already announced I also don’t like the idea of overhealing…mainly because the way heal gun is structured right now means there is an incentive to keep switching between healing and tranqing/spotting the monster as the gun recharges.


While I do find the strikes as they are currently super balanced, especially when you are working with a Hunter team that is playing their roles well.

That being said! I do think they idea of overhealing is really interesting! Though, as we’ve found with many of the timers, seconds can feel like hours. So I’m not sure 1%/sec drain would be a good balance, between being helpful but not being a total boon towards the hunters. Maybe 5% of over heal/sec? Also this would be a great perk idea, but I’m not sold as a class overhaul.


I have no clue what the health values are for each character. The default medgun heals at 5% per second though, so working off of that and going off of the overheal system for TF2 as a reference…

A full buff in tf2 (150% health) decays in 15 seconds, or at a rate of 3.33(and a lot more 3s)% per second. However, the healing rate is at a flat rate of 24 health per second (There’s also critical heals, but not relevant and complicatedish). The highest health player on any team, the heavy, sits at 300 health. This target heals at a speed that translates to 8% a second. Even if you included a full overheal it’s still at 5.33% a second. Why am I talking about this? I’ll answer that later.

Jumping back to Evolve, character health is not a necessary known, since we “know” (based off what is lying around here as accepted knowledge) that health is healed at a percentage of 5%. Strikes remove 20% or so of your health and being able to be overhealed to it would take approximately 4 seconds. What’s interesting though is that it takes a full 20 seconds to heal a team member completely. Now, based on the pace of the game I find this exceptionally perfect. It would take 1 minute to heal your team from 0% to 100% health.

Assuming the medgun heals at a flat 5% of your maximum potential health (I have no idea if it does or does not) it takes LESS time to fully heal your team when they hold strikes. Therefore, it would take 16 seconds for 1 strike and 12 for 2 strikes. Having overheal would knock that back to 20/16 seconds respectfully. Or even 24 if you allow for an extra 20%

However, assuming the medgun only provides 5% of your maximum actual health, it would take 20 seconds to reach your full base health whether or not it was 60/80/100% based on your number of strikes. This system I would absolutely dislike.

So, to link these two together, your proposed system would allow the maximum health to be potentially 120% (Provided overheal could be done on non-stricken characters) but let’s just stick with the basic 100% max. But what’s a fair rate of decay (RoD) for the overheal, and what rate would overheal would be balanced?

In Evolve you have only 3 teammates to heal, making your ability to spread heals evenly incredibly easy compared to healing up to 8 players (Highlander competitive format for tf2. 5 if you considered 6s). However, you’re also a combat class in Evolve, and let’s say you split your time evenly between healing and shooting the monster. Out of every minute you spend 30 seconds healing teammates. Assuming you aren’t consistently letting your team get to 1% before you start healing them, that’s plenty of free time to top everyone off and buff up anyone that’s hurt. Since medic prioritizes healing teammates over damage (generally), being able to over heal teammates with ease while in a fight might cause some issues, since it’s intentional that you’re easier to take down if you’ve downed yourself previously. I’d say that there are two paths that can be taken if this were to be implemented. Option 1: Make overhealing take longer (At say 3-4% per second or even less) and have rate of decay be relatively slow (30 seconds of overheal maybe?) per secondOption 2: Make rate of decay faster while keeping the medgun heal rate constant. I’d prefer option one, as it rewards smart play, by topping your hurt team off before entering a team fight and giving them a small amount of freedom. It still wouldn’t save them from a severe amount of damage though.