An alternate Kala? Hunter-switching time!


So during the live stream of Quantum, I brought up the idea of an alternate Kala Kapur with the ability to switch places with a hunter of choice.

The idea was briefly shut down due to the thought of bugs and coding that would make this character unbareable. This I understand, but I still stay strong to the idea that this character could work very well if carefully built.

Her arm would have advanced into something a little more up-close and personal, as that was my initial concept with her, if a monster is focusing your medic (which during PVP is the first thing they usually try to do), you can switch places with your medic so you take the remainder of the damage. You’re a saviour.

PLUS, if you’re being focused, you can switch places with assault. How much you wanna bet THAT’D scare the monster?

This would also go hand in hand for trackers/trappers where if he/she is behind the group, and you’re in the lead. You can switch places so the tracker can get a head start.

Now this obviously sounds like it’d be a nightmare to fight, but not if you put a cooldown of 7-15 seconds between switch outs. This would ensure you don’t just spam the ability to hearts content. This would also make sure Sunny still has her incredible advantages with the jet pack gun.(Love her JP gun to death btw <3)

This would also need to be a skill, and not a weapon. So reload speed wouldn’t change this, OP would outright break this idea if it were a weapon.

Please, as a HUGE fan of Kala and everything support does as a general class, give support some love! <3

Keep up the great work with Stage 2, I miss Nightclub a little, but the OPa and Cata maps are a blast!!


This sounds like a pretty cool idea to have with kala having a very short channel animation with it like 0.5s or 1s and that would be pretty cool to confuse the monster. Would she have to be grounded ? or can she do it while in the air ? Does it have any effects after the teleport is finished ? (one jump 300% jump height, run speed etc…)


I’m not sure if any of Kala’s dialogue specifically mentions her banshee mines, so if she’s free to place any monster ability I’d prefer a Kala adapataion that can drop a spider egg that grabs the God damn Gorgon and takes him for a painful walk. Preferably one of her abilities would just be a bind that spams “/all SEE HOW DO YOU LIKE IT!!!”


I feel like it’d be safe to give it either a charge up of 1.5-2 seconds if we let her use it mid-air. If it’s a ground-only ability, instant switch up would probably be fair. The switch up could have a flash, so the monster COULD figure out who she switched with so it isn’t too broken.

I think with the switch up, it’s fair to give no extra benefits past that, otherwise it might make assault or trapper OP. (I.E. switching with people just for the speed boost, or for a jump boost)


When the monster is Kraken, she says something along the lines of: I believe you will find my weapons familiar.