An actual in-depth discussion about cheeseburgers - Current Focus; The 'Taco-Burger'


This brings up an interesting concept. See, I live in southern ontario, and I was always under the impression that all burgers were created equal. But then…

…Then I went to see my girlfriend in Virginia.

And I had a Sonic burger.

…My life was kind of turned upside down.

So tell me, gentlemen - What kind of strange and amazing burgers have you had in your land of origin? I for one still give the crown of strangest burger to the “Holy Blank” burger from Kelseys, which had a pretzelbread bun (odd) and was probably the biggest hunk of meat I had ever seen in one place…

Those are more or less the shredded version of spicy onion rings just below the upper bun, by the way.


This thread is going to be the death of me… drool


Oh lord, I know. Don’t close this one down by the way, I’m legitimately curious to see some of the local flavors from people.



A basic bacon burger, don’t bring your poor man’s lunchables to this conversation!


Oh lord.

Why Japan, Why.

The Premium Kuro Burger

“To achieve that dark hue, the buns were made with bamboo charcoal. It’s also slathered in “black ketchup”, which is made from squid ink and garlic.”

Edit: Actually thinking about it I’d still eat it.


:frowning: I’m not in the business of closing threads.


I had a cheeseburger today.
Was nice…


…oh god almighty. I think I’m going to die now.

Apparently, as the story goes, in Japan, there was an offer to add 15 strips of bacon to a burger for 100 yen.

…This man did that offer 70 times at once.

It took approximately two hours to make.


The best are homemade, and relatively simple.

Set oven to ‘Broil’
Flatten two 1/3 lb. patties
Add to the top of each patty; a few shakes garlic powder, black pepper, red chili flakes
Slice a couple medium-thick (4-5 cm) chunks of your cheese of choice (personally I enjoy pepper jack)
Place evenly across the bottom patty, then add the top patty
Gently press and fold the edges inward, merging the patties
Place in the oven, 5-7 minutes should suffice
Very lightly butter a bun and toast it
Add thick tomato slices and a few squirts of Dijon brown mustard
Serves 1


I love pepper jack cheese as well :smiley:


I’m more of a classic canadian in that right, I love me some cheddar.


Only things you need on a burger are patty bacon and a fried egg. Everything else just disrespects the flavour of the beef.

Edit: If you are going to use a bun for whatever reason go for a good bun not the wonderbread buns you want something like D’Italiano crustini buns.


What about bread.


Black bun is just for looks, it don’t really taste any different from normal bun, at least it’s not worse. This burger was quite nice.


Read the ingredients I stand by what I typed. But if I were to use a burger bun I would go with D’Italiano crustini buns.


So burger, I am so excite.


Raptor Burger: Sriracha, lettuce, jalapenos, tomatoes, two beef patties with a slab of ghost pepper cheese melted between them. So good.


Sounds like the kind of thing that would kill.

I don’t mean that in a good way either, I mean that’s actually deadly sounding.

Like, weapon of an assassin deadly.


I love your Mr. Yuck sticker icon. I try and explain to people what Mr. Yuck was and they all give me blank faces. :frowning: