An account of gameplay from a PartyWraith Perspective :-)

Good Morning Monsters & Monster Hunters,

I decided to play a few rounds this morning, I was feeling in a party mood and felt like sharing my PartyWraith Sparkles, Hugs & Luv :heart: I’m a pretty girl after all :slight_smile:

I don’t always play hunter, but when I do, I play interestingly so… Maggie and Daisy are my favorites. Long story short, win or lose I always vocalize a “good game” or “Oh man we were so close, team " or “Way to go, Monster! You stomped” etc.” because the monster life is a solitary one. If you win, who celebrates with you? If you lose, you suffer defeat alone. :sob:

I started TEH GAEM as Maggie Vs Wraith (yay!) After much effort and stuff we ate dirt and we returned to the lobby. I congratz the wraith player and he said thanks and left. Opening his spot for MEH! :tada: :wraith:

So I get picked for Monster, load up my pretty girl who only wants senpai to luv her in her albino colors!
(For those of you wondering, this game got to stage 3 for me with my points being : Abduction x1, Warp Blast x2, Decoy x3, Supernova x3.)

Suffice to say I did the dance of victory. Imagine if you will:

–sniff sniff-- “What’s that? I smell Senpai!” --climbs rock-- “Yes! Senpai and friends are here!” :smile:

(Warp Blast into hunter group) “SEEENPAI! --boom- I’M SOOOO HAPPY YOU’RE HERE! :heart: :tada: I luv you all!!!”

(hunters open fire. It hurts) “Ow Ow Ow Ow! Why Senpai Why?!” :scream:

(warp away, warp away, avoid Mobile Arena – Arena Drops) “Oh? dance time?”

(abduct Hank :hank_cute: while screaming across the map) “LUV ME SENPAI!!!” --snap-- --Hug-- “You! Come with me! We Dancin’ ova’ here! tee hee!”

(throws glitter and confetti everywhere and Queues Supernova Disco DANCING) “Dance Hankie-poo Dance! Your beard is fabulous! I found a sandwich? I’m SOO PRETTY!! I feel so pretty” :confetti_ball:

(Do a Decoy) “LOOK BASIL! TWINS! Nothing like a little Wraith-on-Wraith action” :wink: :lips:

(a little while later Senpai & friends need a nap) “why is everyone sleeping?”

We return to the lobby and I get the most brutal cuss-out (swearing), Cheating, OP rant evar :sob:. I tried to not let it get to me (sore losers and all) but it was mostly on and on about how wraith is the worst and i’m a shit person for using her and I suck as player & human being.

-So yeah, that person (successfully) took my fun away from me. I feel sad. I don’t want you to feel sad for winning. Why would you do that to me?

Don’t feel sad for luving me or for luving senpai. Remember that PartyWraith luvs you and doesn’t want you to change. So don’t change me.

Thank you for reading!


Bahahahahahahaha! This is awesome.

Forget the haters, GG monster friend.


Yeah don’t let the haters get you down you’re an awesome person and a fun one at that XD

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Thanks ALL you now how to make me feel special

I prefer “Short-Bus” Special! :stuck_out_tongue:

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Nothing beats twins.

And you will get more love after next patch. till then you mgiht want to try focusing on abduct and warp blast for maximum love.

Might also be that you didnt bring enough glitter for senpai or he didnt aprove of your dance moves. Might want to practise those too.

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I misread your name as PantyWraith O____O

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Oh dear. :bucket_cute:

yeah my namebrain went from partywraith to pantywraith to pantyraid appearently

aaand just re-derped


HA! awesome :heart:

I do like to mix up my party. I always take abduct first because WHO DOES NOT LIKE HUGS?

My start for this game was Abduct, Supernova & Warp Blast x1. I waited right at the drop point for my friends to fall from the sky like candy & commenced the party. I hardly left senpai alone just go get snacks for about half armor or so, and to change into something pretty once my sapphire ring was full.

I promised Senpai he would never be bored and this girl… she keeps her promises :lips:

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You are dedicated to your character.

this is deffo true and i applaud it

Sounds like they had fun with the misunderstood Wraith.

You…I like you :blush: I hope we meet on Shear sometime, I most certainly won’t hate on Wraith-chan at all :slight_smile: