Amplifier or Reducer?

  • Cabbage’s Amp
  • Kala’s Seducer

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I can’t decide. Cabbage’s amp runs out quick but Kala’s reducer is useless against health…


…um…Kala’s what?


reading back, I see now…:joy:

Well, it can be interpreted differently


IMO damage amp is waaaaay better. Dealing damage to armor twice as fast is better than just temporarily shooting through it, and that’s assuming that the reducer’s beam doesn’t break, which it often does.


Kala’s eye is pretty seducing

Cabots amp is better just for damage


It’s really apples to oranges. I go either way.

Amp means faster damage, so you can kill the monster faster, meaning that’s less time you’re protecting your medic or trapper. If monster keeps armoring up and you aren’t getting much health damage, then hes useless.

Kala’s reducer is useless, but if the monster is low at a relay fight, that reducer is like Crow’s KLR, but team damage is done. Chances are, Kala isn’t using it in the middle of the battle much.


Overall, the Amp has more long-term use whereas the Reducer typically has the most use in early fights or during late-game fights where a monster is good enough to run off and armour up frequently.

It is worth noting, however, that the Amp is drained via damage dealt to the monster whilst active, whilst the Reducer is on a timer, allowing the entire team to contribute to damage whilst it’s active. It’s also worth noting that an entire second or two of the Reducer’s charge is wasted on waiting for the armour to actually drain before its use begins, whereas the Amp’s use is immediate.


Kalas reducer will be very interesting in the next update just going off of the changes that have been shown.


changes to the seducer? what changes?


The context of whats coming with the combat.

Domes now last 5 minutes, and both sides can do things to reduce the time. Monsters can get strikes (up to 2 needed to drop the dome), or the hunters can do health-damage. It depends on the stage, but doing damage to the monster based on a % of its max hp drops 1 minute off of the timer. For example its 4% per minute for stage 1 monsters- meaning at most, hunters can wipe 20% of the monsters hp in a single dome before it drops and it can get away.

With kalas armor seducer (best typo ever), thisll be a very interesting mechanic to reach this maximum damage limit.


I’m looking forward to using the seducer in TU9 , what with the supposed new and improved emphasis on trading strikes for health; It should be very useful in giving the hunters an early edge in the long-term battle.