Amphibian Monster Idea


Name: Crook Tooth
Appearance: Like the Foetodon from 2005 King Kong, but with webbed feet and a more streamlined body.
Able to swim rapidly underwater, slower on land

Abilities: Snatch- Uses it’s tongue to grab Hunters from under a body of water or on land. Must be in stealth mode/stance. As it is levelled up, the distance is doubled for snatching, and at the final upgrade, it incaps hunters.

Climb- Able to clamber up trees and small rock faces. Think the way a Komodo dragon moves on land, then apply that to a vertical surface. As it is levelled up the speed is increased and the sort of terrain it can move on is more varied too. This would be an ability rather than available off the bat due its aquatic strength.

Deathroll- Like a crocodile, it would be able to grab a Hunter, perhaps with Snatch or just with its claws or jaws, and cause massive damage. At its upgrade 1, it takes 3/4s of a Hunter health. At upgrade 2, it incaps them, and at upgrade 3 it instantly kills them, and so requires 2 minute wait for the next spawn.

Headbutt- Charges forward and knocks away an enemy. As its levelled up, the knock back distance is increased, as well as a small damage infliction.

As a note, it’d be really cool to have huge bodies of water in maps, rather than just small swamps. A lake that took up about an 1/8 or 1/4 of a map would be interesting, and there would be platforms for the Hunters to land upon, which could be capsized by a monster.
Let me know what you think!


My two big problems with this creature are the two insta kill moves and the fact that it seems to not have very many real combat moves other than headbutt and deathroll which again is a little OP.


Yeah, I agree, but it would have default attacks, like the Goliath, because he can just swipe or punch the Hunters rather than just use his abilities.