Amiibo (Wii U)

Anyone else collect these?


I don’t own anything that can use them, and if I did I wouldn’t want to spend all that money on something I would rarely lose, unless I really like how it looks, so I’d probably only buy Ike if he was going for a cheap price

Sorry to be a downer, just I prefer my figures to be better looking

Wanna give me your wii fit trainer :stuck_out_tongue:

I only have two, but I want a ness one when it gets released

Ness is already released :stuck_out_tongue: and sorry Wii fit is a no go!

I don’t really see a point other than for the figure itself, which is awesome and well-made. I have Smash Bro. and that’s where they really shine, but even then you can only train your amiibo to fight the way you like, not BE your Amiibo. Pokemon should get on board with some kind of fighting leveling up system with these really. Then in MarioKart you get special outfits for your Mii which is cool. Other than that so far, not much of a use…yet. I plan to get the Inklings and squid for Splatoon for the level and gear unlocks. I do buy figures I like, even for games I don’t own…like I bought Wreck-it-Ralph for Disney Infinity because I love the figure but don’t have the game. I buy a ton of Skylanders because we got into them first and my son and I love them. We also collect SickBricks because they are fun and cheap by comparison. Also, I can’t wait for Lego Dimensions! Now THERE is gonna be a toys to life game worth owning!

I don’t have a wii u or would want any amiibos BUT it’s all about Marth :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s about $400 worth am I right?
To answer your question, no, but I do sell them at my store

Do you have the newest ones for sale?

We just got in the new splatoon Amiibos, I’d have to check back what else we got in tomorrow

Just got the triple pack of Splatoon Amiibos also. They are amazing looking…really, Nintendo has done a fine job with these models. They are worthwhile to purchase even if you don’t own the games. If you like the model character, just buy it. They look fabulous! I would classify them as a collectors item toy.

I hear that someone stole all the squid Splatoon Amiibos.

Yeah the amiibo heist, such a shame.

@XkrSkorpion that would be awesome. I need ness bad.

all i have is mario

all i have is mario and link the most common ones not broken btw the broken ones are worth a thousand

I’ll admit it. I just ordered a Japanese pink yarn yoshi because I couldn’t wait anymore.


Is this like the skylander thing?
The only consoles I own is a PS1 and a PS2, so I have no idea.