American horror story


American horror story: The show capatilized on playing the human phyche by taking normal people to parts of their mind that seldom traveled by common man. Birth defects, drug use, sociopathic manipulation, phycopathic serial killers, and embracing sexual pleasures deemed taboo by society and rape are key points to this season.
According to the the Psychoanalytic school of thought, People are drawn to these topics because it not commonly visited apon, leading me to wonder what will happen when humanity becomes desensitized to these things?
Something that i found very interesting was the way the conjoined twins view the reality they are experiencing one being very negative but wary untrusting (something smart to be) and slightly conservative whilst the other being positive, trusting, green as well as open to eroticism. They have some sort of mind link which i found weird considering their brains are not joined in any way. They have spent all of their lives in close proximity so that would lead me to believe their personalities would be mirrored (which they arent). Being a twin, I hypothesized that even though being raised with my brother, it was my actions and decisions that made him and i different. But in their case they would have had to make and share actions together so it may be a retort to my theory or perhaps not accurate and dramaticized for television.
The ringmaster of the carnival is, in my opinion, the protagonist, she is manipulative and the the main sphere of influence over all the carnies. some, including the bearded lady praise her for “saving” them from a bad situation giving them a place to stay and a non-judgemental social circle… as well as a place to live out sexual fantasies wherein they would not be able to partake in without her aid. Being legless she is the only carnie that can hide her deformity allowing her to a more pleasing face while recruiting for the troop. I believe that she has given all the members stalkholm syndrome by taking advantage of these people in terrible situations and convincing them that they need her.
THE CLOWN. every horror story has a wild card. This season is the clown. Thus far all he has done is killed people and kidnapped children.
his targets have been parents and a teen couple. I think he may be kidnapping children and killing their parents because he had a rough childhood (perhaps mentally slow and deformed) and killing the teen couple showing sexual frustration. He is also shown at the end watching the Carnival members multilating the detective’s body. Perhaps hinting that he was a previous member of the troupe but was cast out.
As always American Horror Story has great cinematography is phenomenal and the stop motion in the intro is a lovely touch.9/10 But the writing is okayyy, they like to foreshadow a tad too much and it seems they play on the taboo to just give a shock factor. 6/10