AMD Crossfire Support?


Apologies if this is in the wrong section, but I don’t suppose the issue to be a bug. Also I’m sure this has been addressed, but I can’t seem to find it anywhere.

Plain and simple as the title suggests, curious if Evolve supports AMD Crossfire? I noticed after some Googling, that SLI isn’t yet supported, so I’m assuming that by nature, Crossfire is not either. Would that explain the graphical stuttering and flickering? I’ve tried both Vsync Off and On, as well as turning off AA. I still manage to get 60 FPS or so, but noticed alot of dips and my rig barely maintains 60 frames.

Specs Below:
-Intel 3570k @ 4.5 ghz
-16 GB Corsair Dominator Platinum 2133 mhz
-2x XFX 7970 (Crossfire) @ 1050 mhz
-250GB Samsung 840
-1TB Seagate 7200 RPM Data Drive

Just a bit frustrating is all considering Evolve using the Cryengine, I was able to play Crysis 3 maxed out at a solid 60 FPS. Any suggestions, mods, tweaks are helpful. Thanks!


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Another bump…i’m only hearing about specifically sli support lately


You can not expect Amd to support its product.

Any crossfire settings freeze my game solid.


Mate I’m still waiting for AMD to publish drivers, AFR mode works but it makes the shadows flicker at an insane rate, glad I didn’t get a seizure from that for now.

I sent them a mail about that, you should too, maybe it will make them hurry a bit more.


ya, will probably have to wait for the next amd driver update. too bad they haven’t put anything up in a couple months now.
the 7970 should be fine solo though. i’d say play in borderless window for now (will disable crossfire automatically).


Yeah i really do not understand how the game can be used in both the PS4 and Xbox One, Yet we get no mantle support or crossfire support, While Nvidea gets it the day after release.

I do have to give it to the devs, Running on low is not so bad and the game still looks good at 2560 by 1080. (Shame the game does not support this yet offically…) This thread seems oddly silent though considering the amount if people in the ultra wide thread.

It really is unacceptable for games and their hardware to be so broken on release.


mantle would be a ton of extra work and they’re partnered with nvidia.


I tried to contact amd’s support, and I gave up after 5 mails, they just won’t reply to my question and keep asking if my drivers are up to date blah blah blah…

I’m really temped on getting a gtx 970 now, but at the same time I know I’ll want freesync at some point.


I tried to

Still waiting on 21:9 update
Still running on the lowest setting because no crossfire
Still getting the pointer at random times

Really in what other industry would this level of utter incompetence be acceptable? Who would release a washing machine or car that did not work?

I can honestly say i will never buy another AMD product or preorder another game after this. If 1/10 of the advertising budget had been spent on sorting this stuff out i would not feel like I am being extorted by these companies. Yet work is being done on DLC while so many problems still exist in the game.


I didn’t know about it before some searching, and I actually found out that AMD takes 3 to 6 months on average to get proper crossfire drivers…

I do agree the pointer and resolution issue should have been hotfixed by now, TRS can’t help us on this one though…

The time we have to wait to get supported games in Xfire is just completely retarded, the point of getting a second card and spending more money is to get top end graphic performance, what’s the point for enthusiast players in purchasing two GPU’s then ?
I don’t really get the strategy here, they need to find a way to simplify the Xfire support in some way or people won’t go double card when purchasing AMD anymore.

Anyway, I’ll probably go Nvidia if I want real good double GPU perf from now on, lesson learned the hard way. :confused:


Yeah I agree 100% percent.

The fact they pay such a premium to consoles really sums up the market. Pc gamers are second class citizens.

Turtle will blame AMD
AMD will blame the game engine

its just a big room of people shoveling shit and hoping it sticks on someone.


Well to be fair, it is not up to TRS to make the game support crossfire or SLI, its AMD and Nvidia which have to program it to work better with the game. Which shouldn’t be that hard since it uses the same engine as crysis 3 I guess.

The only thing TRS can do is trying to get some informations by asking AMD, which they said they would do so we’ll see.
If the next driver update doesn’t add the official crossfire support, I think I might just join the green side from now on.


That’s the thing. This game is a modified Crysis 3. Same Cryengine base, but slightly modified. I actually don’t blame AMD as Crossfire works perfectly fine on all Crysis titles, Nexuiz, Enemy Front, Warface, Homefront, Star Citizen, State of Decay, and so on. Basically the only other CryEngine game that I know that still doesn’t support is Ryse: Son of Rome. The other Developers seemed to figure it out. Including Crytek…


Do you think it might be possible to get decent performance by using a game profile using the cryengine 3 ? I tried with Crysis 3 but it didn’t work.


I’ve looked into that. It may be possible with another game forcing a profile, but I wouldn’t count on it. That stinks about the Crysis 3 profile not working, I was really pulling for that method to work. Thanks for the update on that. Here’s hoping AMD throws us a bone then since TRS hasn’t addressed anything else about it. Been a while since the WHQL 14.12 Omega Drivers were released, so something ought to be in the near future. Or one would hope anyway…


Well if it does bring you some hope, I know they’ll give us new drivers for the Freesync support, which would be the first new drivers of 2015, but they didn’t say anything about Evolve, so I’m not really sure we’ll see the crossfire support coming.

On thing is for sure for me though, I wanted to wait for the R9 390x’s but if AMD decides to give up on me and make me waste my money spent in a bi-gpu configuration, then I won’t make the jump for a new red team card.

Seriously, client support is like the basis of the customer relationship, but AMD seems to forget about that, first they delay the R9 390, then this, I’m getting tired…


Out of curiosity, since I don’t have dual AMD cards anymore I can’t test personally, but are you able to run the game using the Crysis 3 Crossfire profile? does it make any difference? I know I used to have to do that for a few games a while back.


I did try it, but it doesn’t work, on top of losing performance, even compared to a single card, you’re getting stuttering, and of course, a lot of heat output.

I saw a good discount today so I decided to make the jump, I bought a Gtx 970; bad move AMD, if you either provided drivers or new cards, I would have bought them, but two generations old rebrandings doesn’t interest me at all.


oh nice, 970 is a great card. :smile:
what’d you have before out of curiosity?