Ambush hunters at start for quick LOL win or Play the slow stage game?


So yeah what should my strat be.


Are u good enough for it? Theres no point in toying with them but are u also brave enough for it? A good hunter team will tear u a new one in no time stage 1. Weigh ur odds on what the hunters are too. Some hunter combos are better against certain monsters. If your really good enough tho try the stage 1 ambush. Its a great way to weigh ur opponents skill and see what their team play is like. Use what u learn to beat em up late if u cant early


What armor I can find and get the lightening strike in. Now what. Run or fight?


Well if you hit the medic see if u cant down them really quick then try to get out before u get domed


It depends on your confidence and skill. My personal strategy with all monsters is to try and not be domed at stage 1, get to stage 2, armor up, pick a good place, wait, and fight.

If you kill them all and win, congrats! If not, run away before you lose too much health, but not before getting a few strikes to make your next engagement easier. Then armor/stage up, and go for it again.