Ambient Music for Evolve


Does anyone play their own custom Ambient music or sounds while they play in order to add more atmosphere to the game.

I use the soundtrack from Star Fox Adventures, the Moon Mountain Pass, to add a chilling, unsettling effect to Evolve.

What do you use?

Musical Score/Soundtrack

I found that super relaxing to listen to :smile:

Don’t have any ambient music going when I play though. I have a couple of times pumped myself up before a hunt with stuff like this:


A while ago I made a huge ass YouTube playlist with all kinds of slow, ambient music, mostly from Metroid games since they suit Evolve’s atmosphere rather nicely.

Same for a battle music playlist.

I just couldn’t stand the same Evolve lobby music over and over again anymore.


I turn the evolve music off because waiting in 20 min lobbies makes you go mad so I got it either off or on very low.


It’s called ‘ambient music’ for a reason. It’s soft, slow music that suits a gaming environment, not deafening heavy metal that renders even Banshee Mines unhearable.


lol sorry if i offended ya’s ha


I actually don’t listen to anything. I prefer to be able to hear everything in game as well. My surround sound points directly to the monster, any other sounds or music would effect that.


Yeah agreed, i hate when im in a voice party and a team mate has like really loud music on, i’m like “dude stfu or im muting your ass” or better yet not playing with you because your not taking it seriously!ha


There’s always that guy singing too, don’t forget him.


Well…i do that if i’m waiting in the lobby for 30mins lol searching for hunters or a monster just to amuse myself but soon as the game starts i’m all fired up,i’ll even poop myself to stay in the game ha ! jokes


The drums in this song reminds me of a song from Battlestar Galactica.