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I started a free trial of Amazon Prime to order something that I’m too impatient to wait for and I thought it would be a shame to waste it. Just for the record, I fully intend to cancel it before I get billed for £8 in 30 days. In the mean time; anything worth watching on Amazon Prime?

TV series or films are welcome. Not really interested in romance stuff, but anything else is fair game.

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I’d recommend Bosch, it’s slowish, kind of noir in its own way. I don’t know if the timings will work but Good Omens should be hitting it soon too.



Maybe Man in the High Castle?



Little known tip… if you do use the “free trial”. One year from the date you used and canceled you can get another free trial. I used it twice just to catch up on shows I wanted to see. Now I’m still subbed but thought it was interesting that you get more than one “free trial”. :slight_smile: I enjoyed the recent remake of the Tick. Also initially got it to watch Happy! Also a fan of The Grand Tour. I also enjoyed Goliath. First season was great 2nd had potential…

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BUGS A Trilogy * Directed by: Simone Kisiel100 PERCENT.

It is am all female done production and fears put into a psychological short story horror.
I still cant watch the 3rd chapter.



The Grand Tour !! I’ve been following them ever since Top Gear hehe.



I’d highly recommend giving Vikings a watch. I remember some people here saying they didn’t like it, but I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Couldn’t get into The Grand Tour. Guess I was expecting it to be Top Gear just with a different name. :smile:



Haha… so they still got you… point amazon marketing dept.



Id suggest that you use all the bonuses for games that prime brings to you.



Do you mean twitch prime? cuz i had no idea amazon prime gave me game bonuses…

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amazon bought twitch, so by getting amazon prime you get twitch prime aswell.
so i guess yeah



I saw a short advert for this at the start of another Amazon series. Looked pretty interesting.

Hadn’t heard of this but its incredibly highly rated across various critic sites. I’ve never been one to just follow the critics, but a score that high must surely account for something.

I really like the concept of this. I’ll look into this one too.