Amazon preorder question


If I preorder from Amazon will this grant me access to all hunters and monsters on release day?

I’m seeing that preorders get tier 3 unlocked during beta and at retail release. Amazon is promoting the “instant hunter pack” which unlocks tier 2. It’s unclear if this also unlocks Kraken.

Please no commentary about unlocks being easy, quick, taking x number of hours, or any of that. You will not change my mind. I will ignore you.


Tier 2 includes kraken last time i checked


Amazon gives instant access to T2 on release. You do NOT get access to T3 outside of Steam Prepurchase during the Beta.


I’m not seeing anything that says Steam is required. The email from 2K just says prepurchase without caveats.

@Chloe Any thoughts? I see this same question on the forums multiple times. I’m not the only one confused by this.

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There is no way to enter a pre-purchase code through ANY digital purchase besides steam currently. There is no way to tell steam you have pre-ordered a game except through steam.


So basically anybody that pre-ordered before steam pre-orders went up is being punished for pre-ordering too early.


How is this being punished? You aren’t losing access to anything that was mentioned before. There was an e-mail sent out literally 2 days before Beta that even the Devs didn’t know about. It was a mistake. Saying that you are being punished is absurdly short sighted.


Correct, I can’t tell Steam if I preorder from Amazon. I’m not specifically talking about the beta though. I am too damn busy this weekend to put much (if any) time into the beta. I’m concerned about release. The marketing says tier 3 is unlocked for those who preorder and the “instant hunter pack” says tier 2 is unlocked for Amazon customers at release. Does this mean preordering digitally from Amazon yields all characters unlocked at launch?

It is very, very confusing.

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ALL games have T3 Hunters and Monsters. Amazong simply unlocks T2 without having to do progress for it.


I preordered to get in to the big alpha, then it turns out that keys were everywhere and I would have been in anyway because I own XCOM.

Basically if I had waited to preorder I would have lost nothing and I would have gained being able to play the 3rd tier in the beta.

It was simply worse to preorder earlier and the punishment for doing so was to not ave access to the 3rd tier during beta.
Seems pretty cut and dry to me.


You’re not reading what I’m typing. I’m seeing articles and forum posts saying preordering on PC gets you instant access to tier 3 for the beta AND retail release. It does NOT specify Steam. Is this correct? I don’t want to be surprised by a mistake if this suddenly becomes XBone exclusive again.


To the best of my knowledge this is Steam exclusive.



Disappointing though. Thought I had found a way around the grind.


Steam pre-purchase is the only way to get T3 on PC Beta


@DamJess or @Chloe

I posted in another thread before tracking this one down to confirm that I should indeed have the T2 unlocks now that the game has released.

(Also this thread was very helpful: Preorders, Special Editions, and DLC Buyer's Guide )

Amazon has been less than helpful thus far, but at least the monster ex pack and the savage skin are there, just the t2unlock is missing!

Do you folks have any insight?