Amazon Preorder bonus?


I preordered from Amazon and I got my code for the game and it came with the Monster skin and 4th monster but I cant find the Amazon instant hunter pack I never got a code for it?


I have the same problem with the hunters I’m suppose to have unlocked NOT being unlocked. Also, how do you know you have the fourth Monster? I can select the Goliath Skin so I know I have that but there is no option for the fourth monster, just the three.



Anyone else having this issue with the Amazon pre-order Instant Hunter Pack?


4th monster isn’t in the game yet. So it won’t show up. As for the hunter unlock pack, if they aren’t unlocked, contact customer support. Can’t come up with anything that could be wrong with that


Thanks, I was starting to figure that on the fourth monster but appreciate the confirmation. I’ve reached out to Amazon customer service … will be interesting to see if they get back to me first or if I unlock the “Instant” characters first :wink:


No problem mate, glad I could help :smile:


Myself and several friends have not received the instant hunter pack as well. Amazon game support escalated to their marketing support team and said I would receive the code in 24-48 via email. Which is funny because the website said we should receive it within 48 hours of the ship date…so yesterday. Honestly, this is par for the course with amazon’s marketing. This isn’t the first time and I doubt it will be the last. I never received my $5 game rebate for preordering Borderlands TPS and I didn’t feel like fighting for it but my friend did and after multiple calls and amazon denying they offered the promotion they finally gave it to him. Just make sure and take screen shots of their promotions so you have proof.


I’m currently reinstalling because my order was switched to a physical copy at some point (so I didn’t get to preload or get the patch)

That said, I’m very concerned that I won’t have my tier 3 hunters nor will the monster ex pack be credited to me.

Will update (and/or contact support as needed)

Other than the AMAZON problems ruining my day one, kudos TRS for a game I loved in alpha and beta!


I preordered through Amazon, came in the mail, no code of any sort. Contacted customer service and they claim that it’ll be there when I load the game (it’s installing right now). Highly doubt it and the person seemed a little rude. Hoping I’ll get my codes/preorder bonus :confused:


I pre-ordered the physical copy. I think I’m supposed to get the codes for the skin/monster in an email, but it hasn’t happened yet.


Same. Amazon customer service is unhelpful


My savage goliath skin is here and in the steam DLC it says monster expansion pack. So that’s there (for behemoth when it is released I think)


According to this my tier 2 should be unlocked but is not


I have a response and ticket number from Amazon but it is still an “open” issue … and completely defeats the purpose of “Instant” when you have them unlocked by the time they correct the issue.

Once I get a final response back, I’ll likely challenge the program and outcome and ask for a partial refund as compensation. I will post here what happens …


I got a physical copy from amazon for my ps4. didn’t receive a code, they told me that I didn’t qualify since i ordered it back in January.

“We have contacted our marketing department and they have confirmed that orders placed for this item between February 6, 2015 12:00:00 AM PST and February 9, 2015 11:59:59 PM PST are eligible for the promotion”


I got the same response. Had to order between Feb 6 and 9 so not eligible because i preorder in January. This is a flat out lie because it was not posted on the website, the promotion was mentioned on IGN in January, and they mentioned the offer on the Evolve live stream that was also in January and there was no mention of those dates. Just another example of Amazon taking advantage.


I don’t remember ever seeing those dates mentioned before.


Are you guys on Xbox?


Nope. On PC


You don’t unlock the characters with pc. Only for xbox.


Same issue, just launched the game and no instant hunter pack. All are locked. Has the developer chimed in on this. They are already getting all sorts of bad reviews about the game cost and EA type pricing scheme, do they really want pre-order customers to pile on as well. What’s the point of the pre-order if it’s missing the benefits?

I purchased the PC version, digital. It said specifically it had the instant hunter pack.

Not happy so far.