Amazon Pre-order question


Hi guys I had a quick question regarding the Amazon pre-order for PS4. When you put it in your cart it says you qualify for the hunter and momster pack and that they will send you the codes once the game ships. Does that mean you get all the dlc for free? Help meh understand!!! :stuck_out_tongue:


Not all of the DLC, just the new monster and the tier 4 hunters.


So the Amazon pre-order comes with the pack that you would normally have to pay $25 for? Sorry for the dumb questions


Wait did you get the digital deluxe? Or the Normal Digital version?


I didn’t get anything yet but I put the normal edition ($60) in my cart and it said I qualified for both packs and that they’ll send the codes after it ships. That’s why I’m confused


Wot? Wow, you got a good deal!


Well just see what you get later. Tell me after you get the code(s)


No No No xD. I didn’t buy the game yet. I didn’t want to get it from Amazon if I didn’t know 100% I was gonna get the packs. I guess I’ll just skip the pre-order lol ^_^.


I know you WILL get the new monster. But i don’t know about the tier 4 hunters.


nope. i dont think so.

as other pre order bonus u will not receive the season pass ($25)

Pre-order Evolve on Xbox One, PS4 or PC before the Release Date and you’ll receive promotional codes to access the Monster Expansion Pack DLC,
including the Savage Goliath skin and a free download of the new
monster character as soon as it’s available, and the Amazon-exclusive Exterminator Weapon Skins Pack DLC,
featuring a new weapon skin for Markov’s Lightning Gun, Maggie’s
Machine Pistol, Hank’s Laser Cutter, and Val’s Anti-Material Rifle (the
Your code for the Monster
Expansion Pack DLC will be included on a leaflet within the game box;
your code for the Exterminator Weapon Skins Pack DLC will be emailed to
you on or before the Release Date.


Alright thank you!


Alright thanks :slight_smile: