Amazon Germany Codes


Hey folks. The old amazon topic was closed so I thought I share some new information. Got a reply today from

this was the answer:

Die Codes für den Beta-Zugang für “Evolve Big Alpha” wurden noch nicht versendet. Ich möchte Sie vorab um ein wenig Geduld bitten, da es uns leider nicht möglich ist, den Versand der Codes zu beschleunigen. Bitte entschuldigen Sie die Unannehmlichkeiten.

Der Versand des Codes findet voraussichtlich am 29.10.2014 statt.



Good luck. They’ve been locking any thread with people talking about it and refusing to explain why. I’ve tried asking @DamJess about why they were locking them with no explanation since it was an ongoing issue and I’ve been totally ignored even though she was the one who said to PM her in the first place.


No no, just trying to keep things organized is all. This is a good place to post about any problems you’re having with pre-order codes for the Big Alpha.


This topic is now closed. Please use this thread: Question about the Big Alpha and Preorders