Amazon Codes


So i’ve called Amazon 4 times over the past 2 days in order to recieve my Big Alpha Code for pre ordering Evolve back in July. Not one of these calls has produce any results besides them telling me they couldn’t help me besides send a forum towards their marketing department I believe. Now, this wouldn’t effect that much but the Big Alpha is around the corner and a friend of mine from both the USA and UK have recieved their codes already via email. It makes worried that I might get screwed out of the Big Alpha.


Jump in and use the Big Alpha code that was posted for Forum members. If you haven’t already that is Big Alpha Codes for our Amazing Forum Members


Please people stop making threads for this this has been repeated so many times there is one main thread for this go there!


Not everyone is aware of that, since his account is only half an hour old. It’s not like he did it on purpose :stuck_out_tongue: