Amazon Code?


Not to be a douche, preordered from Amazon and was told that codes for alpha would come sometime last week. Have they been delayed, or what?


Have you contacted Amazon support? I believe it’s been said so far that issues with codes have to be dealt with at the retailer level, unless you’ve tried that and aren’t getting anywhere. I’ve only heard good things about Amazon support though, so I’d be surprised if they’re not being helpful.


Let us know what you find out. You should be getting one.


Yah I have yet to receive mine from them or gamestop… and no I didn’t pre order twice to ensure a code that would be obsessive and crazy… but then again so would watching every evolve video and reading every dev comment that has come out since evolve announcement… I have the feeling I’m not the only one in this forum to do so.


Did you never get a code? I know I gave out a ton of codes to folks here on the forums, but quickly lost track of who I gave them to.


On amazon, it told me they would email on the 22nd


i hope Amazon will send me one soon I even requested off from work for the weekend in anticipation


Ha no I have not, I don’t really comment to often just read a lot, keep updated, and make a comment here and there. Do not get me wrong though I would love a code if you have any to spare but obviously would never expect one I know there are plenty of people hassling you over this already.


Should the key from Amazon already been sendt out? The German Amazon support told me 2 weeks ago they knew nothing. I planned to wait until next week again but this post in here makes me nervous :slight_smile:


I was talking to German Amazon-Support just yesterday! They said, that they know nothing about an Alpha Key Giveaway, and that there would be no such thing =( my friends and i are planning to do a LAN-Party only to celebrate playing evolve together so everyone of us preordered it. If amazon wont give out alpha-keys and only one of us won’t get a key from the Multi-Use-Keys, we are fucked =/


Yea, amazon ger says similar thing too me


i dont even think that amazon ger has alpha keys for us! :confused:


Aww maan, that sucks, I hope I’ll get in with my single use key then. :\


Alright, when I first preodered on Amazon it said 'You will receive an email on October 22nd." I looked again last week and that message was there still. I looked just now and boom, no message. What game are you playing here amazon?
EDIT: I am in NA


It’s not October 22nd yet. :slight_smile: I’d wait until the day after tomorrow to see what happens, as Amazon probably distributes emails based on US timezones.


I preorder Evolve on Amazon and still dont become a code… I ask the support 2x… but they know nothing about this event…


It just worries me that the thing that talked about it has mysteriously disappeared


Probably offer is for NA.


I’m in NA and I just got off the phone with amazon customer support because I pre-ordered back in August and haven’t gotten my pre-order key yet. I got the same response as someone above in that the rep said they had no information about alpha keys, only that I pre-ordered and I would receive the game when it came out. They then transferred me to their digital department person who only knew about it because they’d seen the promotion on this website previously. From the best of their understanding they haven’t received any codes from Turtle Rock yet so they can’t send any out until they receive them but they said they’d look into it and let me know if they find anything out.

I will say I really love amazon’s customer service, they’re good people. Still it’s really disheartening to hear they have no idea what’s going on and haven’t received anything yet.


Steam pre-order has no issues! :smiley: